Thursday, 12 June 2008

Less than a Day

Franticity: fran-tis-i-tee ; a heightened state of being, not unlike an episode of ER played at double speed.

This is where I have been this week. Frantic city. Being at work right now is actually the first time I've had to chill out, the afternoon at the surgery and evening at the hospital have been uncharacteristically subdued. I have though brought some Norwegian books in to touch up on my language skills before we disembark in that land of the blondes Saturday afternoon. Of course Swedish isn't exactly the same but it will have to do for now.

For those who aren't regular readers of superchilled, my partner The Frenchman, and I head off for our arctic circle tour of Scandinavia on Friday afternoon. First stop Stockholm. We're both working until we leave - literally - and I am so looking forward to that pushback in my seat that tells me there's nothing more to be done (and if there is it's too late - forget it). Rocketing oil prices have come at precisely the wrong time for us, given we're driving a few thousand km in our expedition to the land of endless sun, including Sweden, Norway & Iceland, exactly the same issue we had when doing a 4WD campervan trip from Perth to Broome in a diesel-guzzling landcruiser a few years back. But we're off regardless, it's all set and I'm so looking forward to it.
Our first long road trip way back in 1997 was punctuated by a number of deathly silent sectors where we had irritated each other so much we couldn't speak. Italy in winter wasn't a great distraction if I recall then, but some 11 years and uncountable road trips later I think we can safely say that's all behind us, and I'm very much looking forward to it all. In fact I'm extremely excited by it. Out in the wilderness, waterfalls, fjords, mountains & valleys and perhaps a few quirky people in the middle of it. I've burnt cd's for it, and have Björk primed for her Icelandic homecoming tour.

I've discovered too late that the USB connection for my waterproof camera isn't so waterproof after all & a new card reader is now on the shopping list. I've re-waterproofed my rain jacket which I originally bought years ago in Norway at the start of a summer school where, after the first 2 days of torrential rain, it was warm & sunny for the subsequent 6 weeks. I'm hoping that again it will ward off the rain.

Who knows what the next 3 weeks will bring, but I'm looking forward to every minute.

It all starts in less than a day.

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Monty said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday! Have a great time guys! Look forward to reading the travel blog!!! :-)