Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Blind Date Wednesday

This week's Wild Wednesday is courtesy of Martin from The Green Light at the End of the Dock.

So, I’m single – and hating it, although I am having quite a bit of fun…

Being single in a world of “couple-friends” is not great, and they all seem to have decided that I need some help – so some of them have started setting me up on blind dates. Some good, Some bad, and Most Ugly.

What strikes me though is the spirit in which it is done – and that’s today’s challenge. Set a friend up who’s been single too long, bring soul mates together – but that’s not necessarily where it stops. A blind date can be giving clothes to charity, helping at a soup kitchen, volunteering at an old age home, helping a colleague who’s just not coping, or leaving an extra big tip for your really cute waiter… the list is wide as your imagination.

Often you may not see the recipient, but you’ll know that in that moment you’ve made that person’s day – and that is, after all, the spirit of a blind date…

Wild Delegation Wednesday

Today is Wild Delegation Wednesday.
There's something that you're supposed to do, but you're not doing it - you're giving it to someone else to do. Right now.
And today Wild Wednesday is being delegated out to Martin from The Green Light at the End of the Dock. He will be posting here in about 6 hours... so until then - delegate your tasks out.
I am.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hot Chill

With max. temperatures plummeting here, I'm escaping a little with a reminder of summer. Aussiebum always manage to capture the essence of it, at least the essence that I best remember.
I keep hearing of friends in the northern hemisphere enjoying the summer, and wish I was still there... 
To all of you who are there - I hope you're having a great time. 
Anyone got some fun summer stories? I'd like to at least be able to pretend to be warm!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Le Tour du Monde

I've been following Le Tour de France over the past 3 weeks, and am watching the last few km of the race as I type. They've been racing around France, hundreds of km per day, up and down alps and the like and still at the end there is just a minute between the top 2 competitors. They're all very good to have even made it this far, and it makes me think. To make it to the front you've got to be good, consistently good for a long long time, and even when you are - there are people breathing down your neck all the time. 

But in the Tour, as with life, there may be one person who is seen to stand out, but quite a barrage of people who have supported them all the way.  And there are very few people who get anywhere without the support of the people around them. 

I've been thinking this weekend, as I've caught up with friends who are innately supportive, helped other friends through tougher times, and at various times recently been in touch with people who have been great touchstones for me, how lucky I am to have the people that I do have in my life. Sometimes I lose sight of that - and sometimes I'm disappointed with people - but there are those who are always there, who always make an effort - and those who will challenge me when I need it and with whom I can be completely relaxed. It's these people who help me to be a better person, to have the confidence I do, and to try and be a Tour winner in my own world.

Who are the support people in the Tour of your world? and who are you a support person for?

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Torn - with visual aids

Great song and this interpretation is very very funny. 
Even if you've seen it before.
Start your Sunday off with a twist.

Friday, 25 July 2008


This morning I wake up and it's dark, very dark. I don't wake up spontaneously mind you, it's a knock at my door. The doctor replacing me has arrived and I scramble to find some clothes to wear before letting him in, handing over in the mumbling tones of someone still half asleep not really wanting to wake, and go back to bed again. I'm woken again at 8am to a cardiac arrest alarm that would wake the dead. I was dead but now I'm not. I think hmm, should I help with that? And as I think it, it goes silent- a false alarm, I get up anyway as I want to swim before breakfast. The swim is good - it's a tad warmer than last night and has the bonus of a glimmer of sun.

Friday breakfast is at the usual diggies at the beach. The weather has kept the crowds at bay and Jamie & I sit outside in essentially our own space and chat and eat for the next hour. I'd been feeling somewhat unsettled through the week, but time spent with Jamie makes me feel completely at ease again. Something about friends who are just always keen to be there and not ever demanding of anything that makes the world a better place. So this morning my world is a better place, and the rest of the day continues the same way.

At work this week - apart from some patients who have almost literally driven me crazy, it has been decided that I'm going to get some of my photos framed and up on the waiting room walls, even available for sale if I like (and I do) which essentially gives me my own gallery space. I'm excited about the prospect. Invariably there will be criticism, as one of our receptionists reminds me, but that's okay. As long as it's all GOOD. 
The pressure's on. 

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Ok so the week has improved from Tuesday, thank god.
Swimming does always make a dent into any stress, and Tuesday night despite a 22 degree pool and a very chilly night the swim squad (I say squad even though I was the only one in my lane), I pushed hard through the session and felt a new man at the end. No not someone else.
I have some things on my mind - quite a lot of things on my mind actually right now - and when I can put some of them into text, I'll let you know. In the meantime if you feel like looking at some of the photos from our Arctic Tour - I've finally updated the travel blog with a lot of photos which you can find by clicking here, or click the flashy animation I made for it in the right column.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wild - things to do with Milk - Wednesday

I was at the gym Tuesday when the music video below came on - I was mesmerised. Not only is the song from Australian group The Presets great , but the video is quite spectacular - milk features quite heavily in the photography so I figured it would make an interesting wild wednesday theme. 
What can you do with MILK today? 
You might drink it, cook with it, make it into something particularly tasty, or maybe you'll be a bit more creative and bathe in it, make milk bombs (ie balloons filled with the white stuff) making for quite the splash or something more grand. There are a few examples below. I'm starting by pouring it on my cereal and then we'll see what I can do with it through the day...
Grab yourself a pint and get whited.
Inside or Out.

The Presets: This Boy's in Love   4min 11sec

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Terrible Tuesday

It's been a hellish working day for me and for quite a few friends I've spoken with today. Just everything happening and most of it bad, very bad. I hope you haven't been affected by it too, if you haven't started work yet today or are just starting: - get out get out - come back on Wednesday, which will hopefully be a better one.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Billboard ads we can do with more of: No.2

This series of ads in Stockholm is initially intriguing, and then quite refreshing. Made me laugh and then smile. 

Click on each for a larger version.
I've typed in a translation for the final text ad. 

I thought it might add some flavour to the recent Papal issues here in Oz.
Anyone have images for some other fun condom ads? 
Feel free to email them to me at - and I'll see if I can find some extra billboard space for them here. 

Saturday, 19 July 2008

18|X : Things I'd do differently if I were 18 again

I'd actually seduce my university crush (god there were so many opportunities!) rather than find out later he was gay too.

I'd go out with friends to clubs & bars & things even though I didn't (and still don't really) drink. When I recall the Scandinavians who asked me to join them... and I didn't... what was I thinking?

I'd come out earlier - and hopefully avoid hurting all the people who were in love with me, with me oblivious to it all.

I'd do some more serious swim training early and get ahead of the pack then rather than working my way there now.

I'd have asked my religious leaders some more serious questions and voted with my feet a lot earlier.

In my summer breaks I'd find a way to work with advertising campaigns like the A|X one above, rather than working as a salesman at Grace Bros. (department store). 

I'd not care what people think about me as much as I did. 

I'd have read more widely, and studied more than just medicine.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Dr is IN

Wednesday's are automatically wild here at superchilled, but rather than challenging you, today is your chance to ask me things. You know, stuff. Whatever you want really - it can even be medical stuff if you like. And my job will be to answer your questions, whatever they are, in a way that will be either informative or entertaining; hopefully both.

In case you're wondering (as you ponder what question/s to ask) this photograph of me on the right was taken on a car ferry (one of many) in Norway in late June. You can tell by the position of the sun that it is in fact daytime, or possibly night time, or really - you just don't know in Norway in summer, but obviously it isn't as warm as Australian summers as I'm not wearing bare skin or a T-shirt only - but it's winter in Oz, so I'm happy to take what I can get. I'm not taking the guy on the chair in this photo though, because, well, I prefer the Frenchman.

Ok, now I'm ready for questions.
I think.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

World Youth Day - Yay! (or NAY)

World Youth Day starts today here in Sydney and goes until Sunday July 20. That's ONE BLOODY LONG DAY!

As The Frenchman texted from the streets of Sydney the other day "Sydney is hell: Christians everywhere!"

And to top it off The Pope is here to spread more misinformation to the ignorant masses. I'm afraid anyone who still condemns the use of condoms in a world where HIV is rife (especially Africa where the church has a strong hold) is in my eyes murderous and cannot be considered fit for the role as a leader of any kind. His homophobia and reluctance to deal with issues of sexual abuse by priests is just mouldy icing on an already rotten cake. 

Why do people let men like this lead them? Why do they have such high office and why do people still listen to them? 
I just don't understand.
At least one local priest is willing to object (click here for article) - why is he so in the minority?

Accordingly we have decided to add a new 4 letter word to our list of swear words, POPE. Use it anywhere you might otherwise use any other 4 letter word and put it in it's rightful place. 

What the pope? you say. 

Give me a popeing condom, I don't give a pope what the Vatican says. 

Happy Youth Day.
If you're still in Sydney - it's too late to get out. 

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Can I have a burnt macchiato with a twist of instant?

What is it with coffee drinkers? In the past decade or two the quality of coffee available around the world has generally skyrocketed. The variety of coffee choices is huge - espresso, macchiato, ristretto, latte, cappuccino, mugaccino, flat white, long black, mocha, affogato, espresso corretto, cafe au lait, cafe freddo...

Not only do we have an enormous choice of coffee styles, but a huge array of combinations we can order to make the 'perfect coffee' , with variations including low fat, soy, skim, decaf, organic... (We haven't even started to talk about the choice of coffee bean, its origin and the social implications of same).

Despite the increased choice, sophistication and penetration of great coffee in the past 10 years, it seems increasingly common to hear complaints like: It's burnt , it's too strong, too weak, tastes like instant, too cold, too much milk, too little froth, not as good as at Pedro's, it's too thick, there's no crema... Soon Baristas will be paid more than Barristers to keep the discerning coffee drinkers of this world happy. Perhaps the increased choice has upgraded everyone's taste buds as well.

How often in a caffeine depleted low have you or people you know sought a caffeine hit in an unfamiliar cafe and, at the sight of a drip filter machine or even more inferior coffee culture, made a bee-line for the exit despite a world-crushing caffeine-free headache?

Are those who still live an oblivious existence on International Roast, or an equivalent instant, the losers in this world - or are they lucky to have escaped the caffeine elite with its constant disappointment?

Friday, 11 July 2008

Do Cry...

I had a patient cry during a consultation yesterday. A blokey Australian guy - in his early 60's.  It wasn't the usual scenario: life falling apart, depressed, relationship on the rocks, crying experience. They were tears of joy. He'd started to make the lifestyle changes I'd suggested, in fact he was doing it with much gusto. He was cycling and walking and pushing himself hard, eating sensibly. He'd also quit drinking alcohol(which had been to dangerous levels) and after some weeks of doing this was feeling out of his skin, so much energy, so much drive and able to do so much more than he ever could before. It was like he was given a new lease of life. He was empowered in more ways than one and felt fantastic. It was awesome to see. Also great to have been some kind of stimulus in this life changing experience which was ultimately the result of his own effort. 

These are the kind of experiences that make all my constant harping to patients so worthwhile. In fact it made my day.

Who would have thought?

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Billboard ads we can do with more of: No.1

This one found at Reykjavik airport is a good example of advertising we need more of. I'm not sure about the tag line, but I only just looked at that now, so it can't be too distracting. 

Mind you when I was at the Blue Lagoon there were only one or two guys who would fit this image, and a lot of tourists who decidedly did not, but when did the truth get in the way of a good ad? (though, when there are one or two guys who look like this do you really see the rest anyway?)

Here we have the shower after the lazing about in the geothermal power station wastewater pool... (technically that's what the blue lagoon is but you don't see that in the ad). Did I say how decadent the showers in Iceland are? Incredibly. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wild Wednesday - The Sleepover

It's the first wild wednesday since I left for the arctic (where the photo for the above was taken). So now that I'm back it's time for a sleepover. The Wild Wednesday Sleepover. 

The task: have someone sleep over at your place tonight.

What is involved?  It doesn't have to be a sex-inclusive sleepover - that's completely welcome - but a platonic friend or a group of friends will do nicely too. Activities you choose to do are completely optional - but it's a school night so you probably don't want to overdo any alcohol nor take it too late. A baked dinner, BBQ, or decadent breakfast; dvd, scrabble, a deep & meaningful conversation or plain old fashioned raunch are all okay - just do it and punctuate this week with some midweek fun.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Made it back to the land of Oz. The sun sets way too early here, but I guess it is winter. My first day back, at 21C (70F), was warmer than most of my time away in the Arctic summer, but I guess you can expect that. Nothing though is quite as fantastic as the white nights, and the sideways sunsets that just don't end - the sun just goes down on the left and rises a little farther to the right some hours later, that's if it actually sets at all. 

But as with all things - the most fun part is always connecting with people, and catching up with friends - some old, some new -  and family (also some new) is always a highlight. 

First day back at work yesterday was a 'hit the ground running' experience - non stop all day - thank god the jetlag didn't kick in until I got home - crashed on the couch and then up to my usual hours. It's all systems go - I do feel like I need a break to recover from the trip but there's no chance of that happening. 

Saturday, 5 July 2008


I’m sitting in the airport in Paris – it’s a chaotic environment at the best of times, and today is no exception. There are kids playing soccer behind me at the gate lounge, our plane has been delayed 25 minutes, but I’m sitting here feeling particularly at peace for some reason. I’ve got the theme track to American Beauty playing on my ipod, which kind of takes me away from everything, like I’m an observer to everything happening around me but not actively a part of it. I often get this kind of feeling at the start of a trip when I’m on the plane as it cruises into the night, but today it’s a different thing.

The day has been one of saying goodbye to family, walking around various parts of Paris. Sitting at sidewalk cafes eating lunch or having coffee and watching the people go by. Paris certainly is a great place for people watching. I have been imagining all the different life stories of the people passing right by me, reading their expressions as they go about their day, even in the metro I was imagining the worlds of the people around me and how different they probably are from mine. We wandered through the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysees and examining the Euro10000+ bags I realised there is a whole world of people out there about whom I have no knowledge. There is so much out there in fact that I don’t know, that the amount I do know seems insignificant. But I think that’s what really makes the world an interesting place. It’s a whole lot of fun finding out the little bits at a time that I do. While I may feel a mile away from everyone here right now – I know I’m just the same as everyone here, yet there are small things that make us all very individual. And I like that too.

Friday, 4 July 2008

24 hours

I like how traveling makes you think differently about things. It gives you new perspectives, and a different appreciation of the intricacies of life. I'm still away and posting irregularly as you may well have noticed. I've enjoyed the slight break (though am still posting on my travel blog - see sidebar) and look forward to getting back to it a little more next week. Tomorrow we head to Paris for the day prior to flying out in the late evening. 24 hours left.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Holding Trevor - The Movie

I arrived in France to an email about Holding Trevor which is not in fact at all about me, but about the movie of the same name which opens in theatres in NYC & LA this Friday (July 4th no less). So if you're in one of those cities - take yourself off to see it.

Click on the photo for more details of the film and click here for a YouTube trailer.