Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Gold Medalist Swimmer - Ryan Lochte

Game On

Olympic season. I love it. I am a sporting guy, and while I love the actual sporting competition, the lack of bodysuits in the swimming, the finely tuned abs in the diving and the general aesthetic awesomeness that are the Olympians certainly draws me in deeper. And I want to get in deeper still.

I've had this photo of Swedish decathlete Bjorn Barreförs sent to me by a friend and I'm keen to get all the hot photos of athletes that you have found in the lead up to and during this olympic games, noting your country may have images that we don't see here.  So send away and I'll be posting up images as they arrive. Unfortunately Bjorn didn't make the games team. Let's find out who did... 
Email your images to superchilledtrevor@gmail.com

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Okay it's an obscure link, but having had a new kitchen installed recently, with an Oven to play with for the first time in 3 years, a Dishwasher and Drawers (yes the old kitchen had none of the above), I've been playing a lot more in the kitchen with an outpouring of lickable results. It just happens that the guys from Andrew Christian underwear sent these rather appealing promotional shots. (There's a video too, which is over the top, but a fun watch).

I've been cooking all manner of things and right now am thinking it's time to work on my SoufflĂ©  skills. If anyone has any awesome souffle recipes, let me know. Now I just need to find myself some kitchen help (or hinderance) like the guys above... 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Refreshingly Normal

I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald this week and there was this article (originally from the Los Angeles Times) about the marriage of one of the co-founders of facebook. The article was quite a straight forward  documentation of an event. But what stood out for me was that it was a gay marriage, and that that itself was not the topic of the article. In fact there was no reference to it being a 'gay wedding' just a documentation of two people in love tying the knot. 

I felt entirely refreshed. A sign that we can move on from the spectacle and surprise of a gay relationship moving on to marriage and it becoming two people affirming their relationship publically, just like any other two people, irrespective of gender. 

That's a definite LIKE.