Tuesday, 28 July 2009

10 weeks

Young Amélie is now 10 weeks old and here she is resting on her Papa's shoulder, one of her favourite places. We've been rather busy of late with her, and it's taken a little time away from my usual posting here. But I guess priorities do change, and you do tend to get a little distracted when there is a munchkin about growing and learning and getting increasingly interactive. It's a life changing thing as they say, but it's a very natural change and quite a lot of fun. Some things become more important as other things that may have once been essential to your life just dissolves away and you wonder what significance they ever had.

I've managed to keep up with swimming, it's still quite an essential part of my life. We all go swimming together, though Amélie isn't old enough to get into the water, yet. We all take turns looking after her while the rest swim. I guess she'll get used to the smell of salt and chlorine before she knows what it is. We're counting down the days until she can get in there with us.

It's been a fun start to parenthood. We certainly don't fit the traditional model, particularly in the area where we live where the whole concept of co-parenting is exceedingly new. The local community has been incredibly supportive; there have been some funny questions and statements along the way making us aware that we are in fact breaking new ground here. The fact there are questions rather than silence, gifts of all kinds and positive encouragement from such a variety of people has made it an incredibly positive experience, more than from just a parenting perspective.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

P!NK Perfection

We ventured out to one of P!NK's record breaking live concerts here in Sydney this weekend. It's an uncommon thing but The Frenchman and I have both found someone we'd turn straight for in P!nk whose concert was spectacular. Loved it to bits and would go again if I had the chance. I'd heard great reports and had seen her performing live only on TV in the past but the reality did not disappoint. There was some spectacle I really wasn't expecting and emotional hits which were right on target. Full of energy for the whole of the performance, singing upside-down spinning and still hitting the right notes. The hype was certainly up to speed. Sign me up as a definite fan. Can we do it all again please?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dine on this.

The brief: "I want an image of a partially dressed guy tying his shoes, reclined on a table and showing the branding of underwear somewhere in the middle of it all."  

Sounds loopy on paper, but it works. At least it works for me. And here he is, thanks to the creatives at Andrew Christian mens(under)wear. And why is he here today? Because you can't always be serious, and distraction can be grand. I also like different takes on things and I don't like being limited. People taking a step outside the ordinary - whether it works or not - (and we're not just talking photography here) are the kind of courageous people we need more of.

Oh and if this is dinner, I won't need dessert.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009



Everyone needs someone to talk to. It maybe to debrief on the driver who cut you off on the freeway, or share how great you feel after a great day at work and extend it to the discussion of relationships and complex emotional stresses. Just talking about these things, as trivial as they may seem at the time, can have a marked influence on our quality of life. I certainly appreciate the people who fill this role for me, and ensure that I can be the leaning post for them that they are for me. It doesn't always work both ways though, with my work I'm often the leaning post for people who have no-one else with whom they can share their inner emotions and thoughts. They're not always capable of filling the leaning post role themselves, but as they become more in touch with themselves the more capable they are of finding someone to balance things out with in their own world. 

The gay world is one that is often filled with doubts and insecurities and as we grow these are tackled and hopefully we grow stronger and more capable of supporting others within it. A big thanks to those who are there for me. You know who you are. 

If you don't have anyone who you can trust, you may find a local GP who can help out - or a counselling service who can provide an ear when you feel no-one else is willing or wanting to listen. For a gay friendly experience try the links below. Life is too short to not share our experiences.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Late night bursts

I'm sitting in the living room with the heater turned down, and now it's too cold. Of course I am wearing shorts and it is mid winter. I could spew more CO2 into the atmosphere, or I could pop on some pants.  Or I could just be cold, and that's a lazy and easy option. Which I take.

It's a night at home on my own. I've left The Frenchman in charge of the youngster in her city abode and returned home to the coast. Of course everyone else had had their night and was headed to bed. I headed to the pool, swam then came home, worked, researched and did some reading. I love the late night. It's quiet apart from the occasional breaking wave thundering in the darkness and the thoughts in my head. I've read a selection of posts on blogs I check less regularly now, and I've gotten into their heads for short bursts, and realise that I haven't let anyone into mine here for a while. I've wondered whether I have anything useful to say any more, and if everyone is bored with baby stuff. You get into a bubble with a newborn around and your focus is a little narrowed. Its normal and I kinda like it. But I'm conscious of following the stereotype. I'm not a fan of following anything, much less stereotypes. But sometimes you need to start off on the same path before you head off in your own untrodden direction. Just not too long. 

Standing on Oxford Street in Paddington this evening in the late afternoon light was stunning. A warm sky, a cool air and glowing light beaming out of eclectic shop fronts inviting me in, the mouth-watering  smell of the various foods wafting about as I meandered past. It's a place I've been a thousand times before but rarely has it felt like it did today. I realise it's a whole new place for me now, a whole new world, and I'm loving it.