Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Superchilled Christmas

I'm lying naked in bed in the far north. It's warm and the sound of the ocean is lazing its way into the room. It's certainly not the White Christmas of last year. Santa has made a comeback this year though and any time now will be heading down our chimney to deliver gifts for the newest addition to the family. We had been debating the institution of Santa this year, and whether he would be alive and kicking for Amélie's first Christmas. The stranger danger, the stupid red hot suit, the lying to your child issues have been put aside and we're embracing the unique childhood fantasy that is Christmas time. And I love it. There are stocking out already filled with gifts as with evidence of a hastily departing man in a red suit. Santa has been kind to us all and delivered the most gorgeous men to the beaches and quite frankly everywhere around here, so I'm thanking him every day, tomorrow Amélie will get to have her own fun.

Let the games begin.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

So THAT was Christmas

I've had Christmas already.
No I mean it, I've had it, celebrated, eaten the celebratory food, opened the gifts, sat back and chatted with relatives about life the universe and almost everything, including all too often medical problems. We've celebrated early as my family is essentially flying off to various corners of the earth for Christmas day and it was the last time we could get together before parting ways. With a little'un in tow there have been a lot of gaps: the events and discussions that happened while I was getting her off to sleep or feeding etc, which just adds to the mayhem of what is already a chaotic day, the end of which is filled with sighs and exasperated collapses into lounges back at home.

This year has also seen me take our daughter, holding her in her front pack (where she's sitting strapped on the front of me) to the kids Christmas party we hold for patients at our practice, with The Frenchman coming as well. It was a little daunting, as it's the first time we've been together at an essentially public function locally as a couple with a kid... and certainly a lot of attention was directed our way. Some quite invasive questioning also followed from people who were at least interested in our set up, but after a while one does tire of explaining everything. I guess this is what it's like being a frontrunner in this part of the country where co-parenting is as common as carbon neutral coal.

Now that the big events are over, it's plain sailing to the actual Christmas Day, and I'm quite looking forward to it.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Awesome Weekend

So I've woken up at 7am, at the latest, every day (including Friday) this weekend, and it has been such an intensely FULL weekend. I love it. I absolutely loved it, not all aspects mind you, but the overall rating is certainly way up there. The not so fab bits, well, they weren't all that bad in the grand scheme of things. The fab, oh so good.

I feel like I need a shower, though I've only recently had one. It's that feeling you get when you've been at the beach much of the day, a little bit of sun and wind making the skin feel that little bit, hmm, summerised. It was my first ocean swim for the year, and I powered through it and surprised myself with a placing. Big smile from me the rest of the afternoon. And what an afternoon. Weather they pick out for postcards and travel ads. Cocktails on the deck watching the waves, the setting sun, and a summer barbecue to finish it all off. The Frenchman managed to find the solitary blue bottle in the whole of the ocean on this perfect day today, and it attacked him like a frenzied shark (well, ok , it hurt). But he made it through like a trooper, finished the race and achieved a lot more.

Saturday night I escaped to see Jay Brannan in concert. He was fantastic. The warm up act was so so, and everyone was chatting like it was just background music at a bar (and in that time I caught up with friends and met someone from way back who quite surprised me). Then Jay came on and he had everyone's complete attention. There were no conversations happening, full on focus on the man of the moment on the last performance in his world "I suck at life" tour. I love his humour, though some may not. His music is a lot of fun, sometimes moving, some times hilarious, and the live performance was sensational, a natural and easygoing performer with stunning vocal ability. I'm so glad I managed to get there and had some friends who took me in.

Amélie had her first sleep over without her mum on the weekend. Stressful for her mum, but exciting for her dads! It was a lot of fun. She's always a lot of fun and so easy. It's so easy in fact it feels like I'm not really being a dad at all, it's supposed to be hard work isn't it? I mean there's a lot to do, but once I'm awake, it's not so hard.

I'm voting for more of these weekends, and more of the people who take them that step above the ordinary.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Are you Mr Green Card USA?

Have you got your Green Card yet?

In Australia you might think this is your medicare card, but if you're interested in working & living in the USA it's essentially your entry permit. Lavi Soloway has informed me of the nearing of the closing date for the green card lottery, which is your chance to get one of those elusive green cards drawn essentially from a hat. The USA is now also withdrawing the HIV positive ban on those entering the states which may make a big difference for those affected.

Those who are looking to make it big in the States, or just to live and work there for a while or ever, should consider applying. There is more information here to get you started, thanks also to Lavi.

Good luck!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Superheated Superchilled

With the temperature at midnight 32C (90F) it's certainly an early blast of summer (or rapid-fire global warming). Going shirt-off is definitely the way, but when you're working it's not always the easiest thing to do. Having breakfast this morning at my regular, diggies, it was very VERY hard to head back to work. The heat just makes you want to sit and chill, order more drinks and watch the passers by who are increasingly frequent (and gorgeous) in the warmer half of the year. There are predictions of warmer days ahead this weekend - I'm not fond of anything 40+ but it seems it's something I'm going to need to get comfortable with. I just need to find someone who is keen to go skinny dipping one of these warm nights. There's nothing like it on a hot summer night!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Midnight Running

Saturday night around midnight, Federation Square Melbourne. There is a buzz on the street with people out and about, eating, drinking and stumbling home. I'm headed back to the hotel after a progressive dinner in a few funky restaurants and find myself in the middle of a group of women, the tallest comes to about my armpit. I rapidly find out they've been celebrating (we'll call her) Sharon's 30th birthday. Sharon rapidly approaches (are they kidding me?! surely this is a 40th celebration, and I'm being kind) and before I know it I have an intoxicated, overweight woman hanging off me with closed eyes and pursed lips pushing in my direction. The emergency evacuation buzzer alarms and I'm out of there before you can say "gay man's nightmare". I hear the words "he's shy" from the group she's with as I'm running across the busy street narrowly avoiding cars and trams. She has good friends.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Summer Beach

Summer is rapidly approaching, the pools are filling up with lap swimmers, the gyms with those chasing the ultimate 6 pack and the beaches increasingly decorated with fine examples of this pursuit of physical perfection, or at least the perfect wave, with similar results.

My posts have been a little more serious of late so to break the ice, and to banish it to drinks only for the summer, I'm asking what the example of said pursuit above might have encountered to result in his facial expression?

Write what you think in the comments. Then relax and enjoy the sunshine as nicely demonstrated below. (or if you're in the northern hemisphere, revisit your recent summer memories...)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Pinnacle Foundation launches

The Pinnacle Foundation launches in Sydney on Tuesday November 17th.

Superchilled interviews Founding Director Sean Linkson:

Superchilled: What will the The Pinnacle Foundation actually do?

Sean Linkson: It will provide educational scholarships to high-potential, disadvantaged LGBT youth who might not otherwise be able to achieve their educational goals, and hence their full potential.

SC: Why was it started?

SL: As our website ( says, way too many young LGBTs fail to achieve their full and glorious potential because prejudice and hate impose disadvantage and impediment. The Pinnacle Foundation aims to remove impediment and create advantage. Pinnacle is about creating an enduring legacy that will produce wonderful, fully-expressed and educated LGBT people who will make a mark on their generation in ways that we can’t even imagine.

SC: What made you get involved?

SL: We were inspired by an organisation in the USA called The Point Foundation that does a similar thing. We thought why not do the same in Australia?

SC: What has been your role in The Pinnacle Foundation?

SL: Along with the love of my life Philip and dear friend Paul, we are founders and directors of Pinnacle – all volunteer of course. As a charity we seek to put as much of our donations to helping Pinnacle Scholars, that’s why no one takes a salary and all goods and services are obtained pro-bono wherever possible. There’s a whole bunch of corporations that have been very generous to us. Paul, Philip and I can’t do everything of course so we are helped by an amazing group of volunteers on our management committee. Check them out under ‘Meet the team’ on the website – they’re all incredible.

SC: How long has it taken to get up and running?

SL: It’s taken four years to get to this point. When you’re asking people to donate time and resources, plus the fact we all have busy day-time jobs, things take a little longer. It’s a labour of love setting up a legal entity with a constitution, registering it as a charity then securing tax deductibility status from the government. Then there’s websites to build and lots of processes and protocols around how we treat applications, support scholarship recipients, screen mentors etc.

SC: In your own life, who has been your most inspiring person?

SL: I see lots of inspiring people every day in my job as a head-hunter, but I also find that ‘everyday’ people can be inspiring too. I love what Matthew Mitcham has done in sport (and Matt, if you read this we’d love you as a Patron!). Michael Kirby will be well known to your Australian readers and he ranks up their on the world stage as a humanitarian. We are very privileged to have Michael as our Patron.

SC: I understand there will be mentoring provided through the foundation in addition to scholarships. Have you ever had a mentor? What influence did they have on you?

SL: Yes, mentoring is a really important adjunct to the funds we provide for the scholarship. Money can pay fees but doesn’t teach you life lessons – that’s where the mentors come in. It’s all part of maximising the potential of our Pinnacle Scholars. Personally, I count anyone who has helped me face the world as a proud, out man as a mentor. That includes the obvious like my parents but I have learned so much from some of my bosses, my friends, various ‘gurus’, godparents, grandparents. I’ll never forget my grandfather telling me as a 9 year old to “never hate anything”. Those three words hit me like a train even then and to this day, some 43 years later, form the very foundation of my life. Another mentor delivered what I call “the line of my life”. He said, “Your life is the universe’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to the universe”.

SC: Who will the official mentors be?

SL: We haven’t nominated any mentors yet but we have a rigorous selection process in place that includes extensive probity checks. We aren’t going to let just anyone near our Scholars!

SC: Who can apply for a scholarship / assistance?

SL: You’ll find our criteria on the website, but basically you have to be an Australian citizen over 16 years old and a permanent resident. Applicants must also:

  • Identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer or Transgender and because of this:
  • Have personal or social circumstances which provide significant challenges to the person completing their education; or
  • Have been marginalised due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression; and
  • In the opinion of the Selection Committee:
    • Takes their studies seriously and has shown academic achievement during their years at school; and
    • Can demonstrate their commitment to completing Year 12 , a tertiary degree or vocational training;
    • Demonstrates leadership skills, has good academic results and wants to make a difference in the world; and
    • Is proud to stand up for the LGBT rights and is dedicated to the LGBT community.

Our first scholarships will be issued in Sydney but we hope to go national in coming years.

SC: Many of superchilled readers are outside Australia, are scholarships available to them?

SL: No. If you’re in the USA you can always try The Point Foundation.

SC: Is there an age limit?

SL: You must be at least 16 and less than 25.

SC: Are there really that many people out there who will need the assistance you provide?

SL: You’ve only got to look how many young people are helped by youth support organisations like Twenty10 orYouth Off The Streets in Sydney. Literally hundreds of young people are marginalised every year because of their sexuality – kicked out of home, bullied at school, bashed and abused by their peers. There are horrible statistics around youth suicide rates that correlate directly to unresolved gender identity issues and sexual marginalisation.

SC: When can people apply?

SL: Applications for 2010 scholarships are being taken now and must be in before end of November.

SC: Who funds the foundation?

SL: Pinnacle is funded purely by tax-deductible donations. Our aim is to get the fund to $5million and use the interest to fund multiple scholarships every year. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY! We’ll love you forever.

SC: If we jump ahead to 2020, what would you like to be able to say about the Foundation's activities & achievements?

SL: In 2020 we will see a Pinnacle Scholar as President or Prime Minister of Australia. The first openly gay or lesbian leader of our country, and they would have won office in a landslide. We will see Pinnacle Scholars as leading lights in every profession and in every walk of life. They will take over the world and fill it with love and light. Now that’s not too much to ask is it? Lighting the spark within is what we do.

If you're keen to apply for a scholarship or know someone who might be, or alternatively if you think you might make a good supporter, check out the details at


Thursday, 22 October 2009

What have I become?

Walking down the street today under Paddington's greening spring canopy, I realised that things are quite different in my world right now. I was talking out loud about the green trees, and the silver cars and the birdies flying past... There was a baby strapped into her Baby Bjorn holder on the front of me; clipped to my belt a small red insulating bag holding a bottle of formula. Of course the usual wallet and phone were in my pockets; a bib somewhere too. Earlier in the morning, having put her down to rest, I'd immediately cleaned up the bowl I'd fed her from and the various toys & things that were strewn about. The room was ordered again but set for its next chapter of chaos.

I realised that I have become my parents.

At the cafe in the park, where I'd fed her the formula and shared a bite to eat with her grandpa, were left meal remnants as we fled upon the arrival of the fatigue monster, thankfully banished rapidly by the movement of walking (away from that very nice but not quite completed smoothie). And I didn't care.

The thing about it is that you really don't care about that stuff, the incompleted meals, the messed up hair, the food on your clothes. I may become the emaciated crazy guy with the kid, but I'm ready for that role.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Wild Wednesday on a Thursday.

I've been chatting with Guy* for 4 years or so. The exact time we started chatting and the exact internet site that we met on is a little fuzzy now, but we've managed to chat every now and again on various electronic media and keep a basic knowledge of what's been happening in each other's lives over that time. It hasn't been intense and there can be months between chatting, but it's regular and warm and it has worked both ways. So on our recent visit to France with a little time to spare we tee'd up a time to catch up. The evening was free and Guy invited us to dinner at the home he shares with his partner. Our first meeting, dinner, in . Perfect. I love the intimacy of dining with people in their homes. You don't have to worry about restaurant staff, fellow patrons nor filter your conversation from prying ears.

Knowing he is a student I was expecting a tiny flat in the middle of nowhere, but the concierge at his sparkling apartment building directed us to the elevator and the 29th floor. He was as handsome as I'd come to know in 2 dimensions, but a whole lot warmer and welcoming. The apartment was grand, and as we walked in there was central Paris before us, the sun was setting over the financial district to our left and the Eiffel tower flashing away directly in front of us. His partner was labouring away in the kitchen where they had both been working prior to us arriving.

I would have been happy with toast really, but we were in France after all and the food was simple yet gourmet. The conversation, a mix of French and English, moved through a host of topics and I really didn't want the night to end. A connection finally made tangible. A fun experience and 2 great guys. A very good Thursday night.

Its been a long time since I've posted a Wild Wednesday Challenge, but one of my favourite things is inviting new people to dinner just as Guy did us. It can be a whole lot of fun. Midweek is great for it too. I'd highly recommend taking up today's wild wednesday challenge and invite someone new to your home for dinner tonight or later this week. There are some great people out there, invite them home!!

*name might not actually be Guy.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Traveling Tracks

I hold one ear piece up to check which side it fits and then place each in the appropriate ear, turn on the tiny switch at the base and thread the ipod-on-a-clip through my shirt clipping it onto the belt loop at top of my shorts. I press play and look up, it's a whole new world. I'm in a subway, it's Paris, there's a city of people I'm threading through, and they me, there are sounds of trains here and on other levels, people, clattering, footsteps, I can hear them all, but it's a little more distant now, the background sound to my opening credits with a sound track that changes tack every few minutes.

A woman stops and enters my movie. She has a casual Parisian elegance as she pauses, looks at the time and continues off at a faster pace. She's on her way to meet her lover and he's always on time. She wants to arrive just after him but needs a quiet graceful entry at the restaurant so she needs to make time to slow time. She disappears in the tunnel just as a young blonde tourist comes into view. He's standing at the platform dressed in khaki cargo shorts, a white t-shirt and a golden tan. He looks at the map a friend is holding and laughs confidently before turning it the right way around. This is not his first trip to Paris, and while now he speaks in accented English, his French is fluent and unaccented. A combination of an affluent education outside this country mixed with plenty of local exposure. He is staying in an apartment, that he shares with his brother, which has a slightly interrupted view of the eiffel tower. He secretly loves the strobe lights that flash on the hour every night all over it and tries to be in a position to see them without being noticed. He laughs again with his friend and his white teeth glow in the crowd, then the train comes to swallow him up, and he's gone. An older man replaces him. Dark grey hair and a few too many chocolate eclairs have filled out his dark blue shirt. He is standing on the train expressionless. Swaying irregularly in sync with the movement of the carriage. He's on his way home from work in the interior ministry. It's been a busy day, half of his staff away on leave has made it a tough week. He's looking forward to his own week off, just a few days away. He will visit his new grand daughter with his wife. She has been busy preparing meals for their daughter over the past week in preparation for their visit. He thinks of the fluffy little stuffed monkey he has bought for her, wrapped delicately inside his briefcase and a smile edges its way onto his face. The train starts to brake, his smile subsides and he picks up the case as the doors burst open and is flushed out with the crowd onto the platform.

I look down and feel for the button skip tracks, when I look back up, I'm in Athens. A baggage carousel is spewing mostly black but some splashes of red and blue suitcases to a tired looking crowd. A woman is standing in dark orange tights, something of a flamenco look blouse with hair that has been coloured and recoloured a thousand times and is now a mix of reds and blondes all frizzed on a bed of grey. Eye makeup has exploded onto her face, half of which is now blue, it seemed like a good idea when she woke early this morning for the pre-dawn flight here. She feels a little more awake than she did then, but her eyes have looked completely awake all day. She's returning home to Athens where she lives by the port. She had never travelled much until the cheaper airlines started to fly and her weekend in London with an old friend was lot of fun, but more expensive than she had planned. She will have to wait a few months for the next trip now. Work at the port isn't exactly well paying, but her son who lives in central Athens helps out when she needs. She is sure that his flat-mate is his lover but has never had the courage to ask. She invites them both whenever there is an event on just in case. A cute couple in their late 20's walk by pushing a trolley stacked with bags. A fuzz of blonde hair is trailing them on the body of a toddler who has been so out of control, they now have little energy left to chase him. He has run into the security lady, picked up an old baggage tag off the ground but just before putting it into his mouth found another distraction and is running off towards a dog emerging from a fellow passenger's hand carry on the floor. His parents laugh together recalling the man from the Hotel this morning who joked about their son "The Destroyer" as he called him. The dog now freed, the toddler runs laughing towards the carousel with those bags that look like a great challenge to climb.

Madonna's "Give it to me" bounds into the sound track and the rest of the movie is paused while a short film plays out in my head. This one's a real one, unlike the other ones I've concocted in my travels, so my imagination is less essential right now. It is another holiday experience though. The track ends and a new one begins, and so my journey continues.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

baby you can drive my car, No.7

The interviews have been going on and on. But I'm okay with that. The final applicant is the only definite right hand drive guy - which would be kinda useful down-under if I want to avoid head-on collisions. He's laid back, has great arms, to control the vehicle with of course, and looks confident in the driver's seat. He can just drive. I don't care where we go.

I've decided I'm going for applicant No.1 for the working week, and No.7 here for the weekends.

Who are you going to choose? You only get one choice, though - so vote in the new poll on the top right for your preferred driver.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

14 years on...

In Gay years we've been together what, 98 years? It certainly doesn't seem that long. 14 years has flown by, but looking back there's a hell of a lot we've done in that time. We've broken all kinds of new ground for ourselves and the people around us, we've bought and sold homes together and lived in a handful of others, swum probably thousands of kilometres together, many competitively. We've made friends, welcomed new family members and fare-welled others, we've taken hundreds of flights together and tied up the globe with our flight paths. We've driven a car or two into the ground. We've raised our Labrador Norten, of whom we're very proud, and now have embarked on raising a child, which will certainly keep the next 14 yrs and more as busy if not more so than the first. We've grown closer together even when we're apart. It's been one hell of a time and I'm looking forward to the next 14 and beyond.

Happy Anniversary Mr Frenchman, My Frenchman.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

baby you can drive my car, No.6

I think this applicant has certainly got his finger on the pulse. He's ticked all the boxes. Some of them twice. This was a short interview, at least in terms of questions asked. I'm not sure I want to continue the search for a chauffeur any farther...

but I will.
Big thanks to Definition of a Man - where I found this applicant.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

baby you can drive my car, No.5

Chauffeur, mechanic... we like the multiskilled and multitalented. This applicant is certainly on the shortlist for the job as my driver. In fact, even if he can't drive he'll still make the shortlist. I'm not shallow, no, no, no, well, perhaps. Just a little.

I'm tempted to stop here... but the applicants are lined up, and I HAVE to see them all.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

It's all Greek to me

We're escaping to Greece next month and need your help.

We're there for a brief stay, but it wasn't planned in advance and we're not really sure where to go. We'll be landing in Athens and leaving from Santorini, but the rest is unchartered. Have you been to Greece? Is there anywhere you'd recommend? Suggest we avoid? Places that are MUST SEE. I need to be able to swim - but I'm guessing that won't be a problem anywhere. Any accommodation and boating recommendations are also appreciated.

Thanks guys.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Baby you can drive my car, No.4

The search for a chauffeur continues. Today's applicant looks good behind the wheel, but road safety may be an issue with that view-obstructing cap... though in this demonstration below he manages to fix that and show that he's capable of securing my surfboards (I still think the cap needs to go - the rest of the uniform is just fine though).

Is he THE applicant?

The interviews continue...

Monday, 17 August 2009

Weekend Home Holidays

Conversations of liquid gold, connections with great people refreshed, out of place summer weather, babbling youngsters who steal your heart, meals and experiences shared, escapes into the great outdoors and oceanic meanderings. It was a weekend of great things, the simple thing of life that are so enriching, rewarding, and so much fun. I'm looking forward to the real summer and more time with friends and family just being, and spending time. Doing things spontaneously and not having any particular goal or focus. I have enough tasks to manoeuvre through in my working week. The weekends are going to be mini holidays like this one was - even if I did work for a part of it.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Baby you can drive my car, No.3

Number 3 for a reason, this applicant is in fact a trio. Three chauffeurs for the price of...?

Obviously comfortable in a convertible, perhaps a little too comfortable, and as for safety consciousness, there a hell of a lot of questions, but if I wanted to go a long way I'd have a series of drivers and 24hrs of the day covered. But I'm guessing they may be seasonal workers. Oh but what a season!
The chauffeur interviews continue...

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Baby you can drive my car, No.2

Now this applicant is a lot more formal, but that does leave a lot more to the imagination. Certainly gives the impression of formal elegance. He looks ready to drive and seems to be familiar with convertible sports cars which is a strong plus. Not as chilled as applicant no.1 but then I guess we haven't seen him on a hot day... I wonder how he looks, I mean drives in the rain.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Baby you can drive my car, No.1

So I'm interviewing for Chauffeurs. There are quite a few applicants, but I'm having trouble getting past the first. He certainly looks comfortable in a car, the uniform fits, he seems comfortable around the gear stick, and I do have a manual car.
Can't wait for the test drive.

Wonder who will turn up for the next interview...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tropical Fruit

My good friend Martin, recently moved to Australia's Northern Territory has started off a new blog TROPICAL FRUIT. Worth a look by clicking above, here, or on the link which continues to be updated in my blog links on the right. I do love his writing.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Do you James take Adam to be your lawfully wedded Husband?

Are you still with [boyfriend X] ?

We've all been asked it, but I rarely hear it being asked of straight couples.
There is often an expectation of relationship splits in same sex couples. The fact that we have no formal means of being recognised doesn't encourage a sense of commitment, and I expect makes our relationships less valued. I certainly have been pissed off at weddings where my relationship has been considered inferior, even though it has outlasted many of those marriages.

And while I'm not sure about getting married personally, I'd like to be able to make that decision for myself and not have it made for me by a government or religious institution.

The Australian Greens have introduced the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009 into the Australian Senate. The Bill aims to amend the definition of marriage from a “union between a man and a woman” to “a union between two persons”. This will allow all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, the right to marry in Australia.

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee has set August 28th as the deadline for submissions for the Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009. You can make a submission to the enquiry easily following via the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby webpage which goes into more detail about this here, and has an easy to fill out form here which you can link to and fill out online. Even if you don't personally have a desire for marriage, I think it is important that we have the possibility of choosing it and the recognition that our relationships are just as valid and valued as anyone else's.

The majority of the population is now in support of marriage equality, but I know there are going to be loads of religious groups making submissions opposing it. Don't let them win.
Have your say now.

You can also vote in the superchilled marriage poll top right.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

10 weeks

Young Amélie is now 10 weeks old and here she is resting on her Papa's shoulder, one of her favourite places. We've been rather busy of late with her, and it's taken a little time away from my usual posting here. But I guess priorities do change, and you do tend to get a little distracted when there is a munchkin about growing and learning and getting increasingly interactive. It's a life changing thing as they say, but it's a very natural change and quite a lot of fun. Some things become more important as other things that may have once been essential to your life just dissolves away and you wonder what significance they ever had.

I've managed to keep up with swimming, it's still quite an essential part of my life. We all go swimming together, though Amélie isn't old enough to get into the water, yet. We all take turns looking after her while the rest swim. I guess she'll get used to the smell of salt and chlorine before she knows what it is. We're counting down the days until she can get in there with us.

It's been a fun start to parenthood. We certainly don't fit the traditional model, particularly in the area where we live where the whole concept of co-parenting is exceedingly new. The local community has been incredibly supportive; there have been some funny questions and statements along the way making us aware that we are in fact breaking new ground here. The fact there are questions rather than silence, gifts of all kinds and positive encouragement from such a variety of people has made it an incredibly positive experience, more than from just a parenting perspective.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

P!NK Perfection

We ventured out to one of P!NK's record breaking live concerts here in Sydney this weekend. It's an uncommon thing but The Frenchman and I have both found someone we'd turn straight for in P!nk whose concert was spectacular. Loved it to bits and would go again if I had the chance. I'd heard great reports and had seen her performing live only on TV in the past but the reality did not disappoint. There was some spectacle I really wasn't expecting and emotional hits which were right on target. Full of energy for the whole of the performance, singing upside-down spinning and still hitting the right notes. The hype was certainly up to speed. Sign me up as a definite fan. Can we do it all again please?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dine on this.

The brief: "I want an image of a partially dressed guy tying his shoes, reclined on a table and showing the branding of underwear somewhere in the middle of it all."  

Sounds loopy on paper, but it works. At least it works for me. And here he is, thanks to the creatives at Andrew Christian mens(under)wear. And why is he here today? Because you can't always be serious, and distraction can be grand. I also like different takes on things and I don't like being limited. People taking a step outside the ordinary - whether it works or not - (and we're not just talking photography here) are the kind of courageous people we need more of.

Oh and if this is dinner, I won't need dessert.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009



Everyone needs someone to talk to. It maybe to debrief on the driver who cut you off on the freeway, or share how great you feel after a great day at work and extend it to the discussion of relationships and complex emotional stresses. Just talking about these things, as trivial as they may seem at the time, can have a marked influence on our quality of life. I certainly appreciate the people who fill this role for me, and ensure that I can be the leaning post for them that they are for me. It doesn't always work both ways though, with my work I'm often the leaning post for people who have no-one else with whom they can share their inner emotions and thoughts. They're not always capable of filling the leaning post role themselves, but as they become more in touch with themselves the more capable they are of finding someone to balance things out with in their own world. 

The gay world is one that is often filled with doubts and insecurities and as we grow these are tackled and hopefully we grow stronger and more capable of supporting others within it. A big thanks to those who are there for me. You know who you are. 

If you don't have anyone who you can trust, you may find a local GP who can help out - or a counselling service who can provide an ear when you feel no-one else is willing or wanting to listen. For a gay friendly experience try the links below. Life is too short to not share our experiences.