Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Life sucks and then you die. Or...

Life is full of disappointments. Things break, relationships dissolve, or explode, holidays get rained out, work loses its excitement, finances don't quite pay what you wanted them to, people don't do what they promised to do, or turn out to be less than they seemed to aspire to... it goes on.

It's depressing, and inspires withdrawal from life and the possibility of further disappointment. But it doesn't have to. In fact I'm very on the side to say it shouldn't. Though it can be difficult to move away from a failed relationship or a broken down car without the funds to repair it, there is always an up side. Usually it's not at all clear at the time. And sometimes it can take a long while to see the silver lining. But there is always one and it can be life changing. You just need to look for it. 

A failed relationship may open the possibility for a new and more vibrant / rewarding relationship, or free up time for other activities. A broken car may result in more cycling and a healthier lifestyle and fitter you. It is what you make it. Sometimes you need to break throughout he grey cloud and grab the silver lining and run with it, as though someone would steal it back if you didn't. Before you know it you'll be out of the cloud and into a bright shiny world. But if you're running and it's still raining, keep on going. It will happen. You set your eye on the goal and you will get to it. It can be a tricky concept, holding on to the positive and letting go of the bad stuff. But it feels oh so much better when you do. I'm not going go into more detail here, but if you do need more advice or direction please do send me a line and I'll be here to help out.

I'm not sure quite why this is today's post the first in EVER and the longest pause from posting here on superchilled for it's operational existence. But it's what came out of my fingers as I sat at the beach house in Byron on my annual 'escape from the world and race the world week' up here in a little piece of heaven.