Saturday, 30 August 2008

Interview Panel: Saturday August 30th

reminder: last days to vote for your favourite Olympic Bod Photo - see earlier posts below...

Superchilled asks a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything. 
Today's question:

What is your best ever holiday memory?

Martin: There are so many - what normally makes for a good memory is anything involving my sister who lives abroad and I hardly ever see. One must be flying low over the Okavango Delta and seeing the spectacular patterns in the swamps. The other is speeding down the Okavango river in a low boat as the sun sets. Another is running giggling like little children through the mist surrounding Victoria Falls, and more recently pretending to do gymnastics with my sister in a Gay bar in London and skipping all the way to the pantomime to her step-children’s disgust and embarrassment. Anything that involves laughing so hard my stomach hurts and getting strange stares from the locals…

Just Beautiful Men
Eric : Visiting Geneva as a child was probably the most lasting experience I still remember to this day. It was just so different and exciting compared to what I was used to at the time (I think I must have been around 7 or 8 at the time). Traveling when you're young sometimes leads to a type of simplistic euphoria that just can't be matched as easily as an adult :-)

Geoff:  Independently: Kenya to Australia via Ethiopia, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Germany whilst trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Memories of travelling on the roof of a truck through frontier country of southern Ethiopia. Surreal scenery and environs with a sense of being somewhere on the edge of nowhere. Trekking in the mountains of Ethiopia. Brain melting heat and boredom on the coast of the Red Sea waiting for a ferry. Hanging out in cafes in Berlin and running through autumn leaves in Potsdam with my walkman blasting “You Are My World” by Jimmy Sommerville.

With Terry: All of them (ahhhh).

Terry: There are a lot of great memories, but two stick out at this time:

-When I was living in Japan I had a 10 day break in the spring and went to Sabah (via Brunei) on the island of Borneo. I spent one week, snorkelling, swimming, climbing Mount Kinabalu, and trekking through the forests in Sepilok (orang-utan sanctuary). On my way back to Japan I met my just-about-to-be married Canadian friend in Hong Kong and treated him to a three day stag party.

-Sitting in the open doorway of the train that goes from Colombo to the hill country in central Sri Lanka. It was amazing to go from the heat and humidity of the coast to the lush, cool tea plantations at 2000m...both on a three week holiday with Geoff in 1998 and while I was living there in 2007.

LP: I have no memories, there is no past, I don't have a future.

Bruce: One of my best holiday memories is sitting around a big campfire in the Okavango swamps with my amazing family telling stories and then listening to the lion in the area talk to one another and make the earth vibrate under our tents.

Lynnette: Toss up between:

Day spent in a village near Manali in India, teaching kids how to take photographs with my extra camera, and just chilling with them and eating yummy food and drinking killer chai

Private salsa and son lessons at the home of the guy standing in front of us waiting for pizzas at an outdoor street stall in Havana, Cuba (despite top notch teachers I still am inept :( )

The adrenalin rush of being on top of an active volcano in Guatemala, seeing the lava turning beneath my feet, and having a storm charge in with lightening hitting all around us just as we reached the summet...

...there are too many amazing memories to choose....

What's your best holiday memory??

Thursday, 28 August 2008

For Sale

It's a little unsettling, the prospect of selling your own home. But we're doing it. We've signed on the dotted line, it's on the market, and we're on our way to saying goodbye to our home of 9 years.  I love living here, so it's going to be a little sad to say goodbye, but it's time to move on. Time for change. 

We're going to have to keep it clean and tidy relentlessly for the next 5 weeks or so.
It's a bit exciting, a bit scary and even a little sad, having spent these years developing it into a  home that is very much us.

Hopefully it won't be too much of a roller-coaster ride. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Wild Rock & Roll Wednesday

Today is Wild Wednesday and the challenge is this: when you get home, turn up the volume - dress down - and do what Tom Cruise does in this 1 minute clip from Risky Business. It can be a lot of fun - but it's best done when you're home alone. Make sure it's loud, and so are you.

And then when you're cooling down - remember to vote for the best of the olympic bods below.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Superchilled Olympic Challenge: Voting

It's time to vote for your favourite photo from the Superchilled Olympic Challenge.
Find the one you like most below and tick the appropriate box in the top right poll. 
You can go to the original post by clicking the link beneath each photo.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympic Challenge #11

Bob M sends these images of Australian Steven Hooker, Gold medallist Pole Vaulter at the 2008 Olympic Games, and becomes the final entrant (unless I get new images before posting the final vote list) for the Superchilled Olympic Challenge.

The final voting list will be up soon. 

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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Matthew Mitcham: Superchilled Superstar

I have never been as proud of an Australian athlete as I was today watching Matthew Mitcham win gold in the 10m platform diving final in Beijing. A spectacular performance made even greater given the pressure that was on him. Obviously he thrived, and made it through, beating the favourites (China) to the Gold. He's made a big point of the fact that he's an elite athlete who happens to be gay. Being gay hasn't been a huge announcement it's just been a part of who he is, which may be the case for a lot of other olympians - but none of the other men are out. So extra credit to him for not hiding, for being who he is , and for being fantastic at that. 

What a spectacular final dive. 

I hope we get to see as much of him as we have of our other winning athletes. I'm curious how they're going to portray him in the press. And how they're going to treat his partner who was sponsored to go to see him compete as they couldn't afford to pay his way.

He has his own Matthew Mitcham Website here, and is sponsored by purple.oranges - who I know nothing much about - but that I like them. 

Cheers to Superchilled's first Superchilled Superstar Matthew Mitcham (yeah loads of superlatives, but I can, it's my blog ;-) and he deserves them).

Olympic Challenge #10

Peter von Amsterdam sends these images of fellow countryman, Maarten van der Weijden, competing (and winning) for the Netherlands in the 10km open water swim in Beijing. Peter has been very patriotic - I think he should also enter some good photos of Hockey Player Jeroen HERTZBERGER who is sizzling hot. 

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Who's Leading? China or USA

I was a little surprised during the week when I encountered a medal tally for the Olympics on a Boston newspaper website which showed the USA as the leading country. I'd though China was well ahead and wondered what the USA had done to break into the lead... 

But when I looked at the actual numbers - China had the highest number of gold medals, and the USA had most medals overall, though significantly fewer of them gold... 

So I did some research, and in my rapid global newspaper study, most newspapers tally the medals according to the most number of gold medals won per country, and where that number equals another, the number of silver and then bronze defines the leader. There are a few exceptions with some online newspapers in Canada and the UK who follow their US counterparts who uniformly give the highest marks to the country with the most medals overall

Oh, and that happens to be the USA.

So does this technically mean that if a country were to win solely 200 Bronze medals and another 199 Gold - the winner would be the 200 Bronze?

The official Olympic website defines it according to the highest number of Gold medals won.

Here are some examples from my research...

Call me a cynic - but does everyone in the USA not cope with coming 2nd to China?
Is reportage in the USA a little biased, or has the rest of the world got it wrong?

Friday, 22 August 2008

Olympic Challenge #9

Monty of Much Ado about Monty found this image of Sam McGregor from Australia's Waterpolo Team. One good reason to start playing waterpolo perhaps? I do note he's a tall lad too. 

Time is running out to send a photo of someone who's caught your eye from the Olympics to enter the Superchilled Olympic Challenge. After the games are over I'll post all the entries and you will all get a chance to vote for the winner.
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By now there are plenty of photos out there. So send 'em in!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Wild Hands-On Wednesday

The pictures say it all.
This is what you need to strive to do on this Olympic-Inspired Wild Hands-On Wednesday. 
Good luck, and may you find a great place to place your hands.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Best of the Best

Even Olympians check out other Olympians

Enter the Superchilled Olympic Challenge and be like the world's best. Find your favourite Olympic photo and send it in. The final gold medal will be decided by superchilled readers who will vote for the best of the best. (Details here)

Interview Panel: Tuesday August 19th

Superchilled asks a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything. 
Today's scenario:

You're sitting down to dinner at the love of your life's parents' home for the first time. You're served a meal that has taken your hosts days to prepare but it's something you almost gag at the sight of. What do you do?

Martin: Being the person I am I would grin and bear it – my partner’s mom will assume I love it, and proceed to make it for me every time I visit.

Just Beautiful Men
Eric :I think this would be an excellent case where breaking out the old 'I ate before I got here and I'm still sorta full' routine would come in handy. Either that or feign stomach issues... whatever could get me through dinner eating only a small portion of the meal (without actually appearing insulting) would be the ideal way to deal with this situation.

Geoff: This actually happened...! I was visiting my boyfriend at the times family in Brussels and was served “moule and frites”. I said nothing and accompanied each mussel with a french fry heavily dosed in hot mustard.

Terry: I would eat the food, and thank the hosts for spending so much time putting together such a nice meal (there’s not much I can’t eat).

LP: If they were decent hosts they would have asked what I do and do not eat beforehand

Bruce: I would try my best to eat it. I would taste it and try and think of something else as I chewed. If that didn't work I would pretend to feel very sick and once I knew them better confess that I cannot eat that dish. Truth be told I eat most things anyway.

Lynnette: I've become quite adept at swallowing sans chewing so that you don't taste the food-- and I'm pretty sure that's the tactic I'd employ. Small bite, large gulp of water, wait a second, repeat. I'm not into lying but I'd deffinitely express appreciation for the effort.

What would you do?

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Gold Rush or a DQ?

Being quite an Olympics fan myself, the past week has been quite distressing for me. It's not because Australia hasn't won enough Gold medals (we haven't but we're doing okay), not that there hasn't been enough good sportsmanship (apart from a notable bronze medal throwing event I don't recall too much evil happening) and not because there hasn't been enough eye candy (did anyone notice Andrew Lauterstein in the Australia medley relay team on Sunday?). It's because there is no TV reception for the official Olympic broadcaster, Channel 7,  where I live. Not even with satellite TV. 

And before you suggest it - the internet coverage here is nowhere near satisfying enough. Live streaming? Not on your life. Perhaps 3 minute bytes some hours after the events. 

Now it's not ALL bad - there is coverage by SBS - the 'complementary broadcaster' but if you want swimming, diving, gymnastics or any of the major athletics (and I SO do) then forget it.

I've managed to see the swimming finals at least which aired around lunchtime in all manner of places - from the waiting room at work - to a selection of pubs along the coast here as well as various events at home with some very accommodating family and friends. It's 'One World Many Television Screens' for me. 

But I know I'm a little more obsessive than most. So I have a poll running - up there on the top right - what do the olympics do for you?

Go on - tick a box.

And if you tick the third box specifically - you may want to scroll down to check out the olympic challenge entries. (More entries are heavily welcomed).

After the 1500m swim final today we went for our own planned swim and The Frenchman surprised me by not stopping when he usually does... He was doing his own 1500m. Very cute. 

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Olympic Challenge #8

Stephen Looking out from a Southern Closet has sent in this rather spectacular photo of the popular American Artistic Gymnastic Team after their medal performance.

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Interview Panel: Saturday August 15th

Superchilled asks a selection of people, who also blog, questions about life the universe and everything.
Today's scenario: 

The police are knocking at your door - you can see them but they can't see you? What do you do? 

Martin: Well first I would need to get dressed, then I would open the door and assist them with their investigation – because it wasn’t me. I promise.

Just Beautiful Men
Eric (I find this concept of this question hilarious) Anyway two scenarios immediately come to mind:

1.If I'm not knowledgeable of guilt or any crime I've committed, I'd probably go and answer the door without a second thought.
2.If I am knowledgeable of some sort of guilt on my part, I'd probably... find the biggest cover I can find, and enter into my deep basement closet to cower in fear :-(... all the while feeling totally pathetic of course...

Geoff: Put on something sexy and answer the door.

Terry: I would answer the door, after all what could I possibly be guilty of?

LP: Answer the door, quote the following lyrics from 99 Problems by Jay-Z: "And I know my rights so you gon' need a warrant for that"

Bruce: If the police are knocking on my door and I can see them but they can't see me I'd probably open the door and find out what they want. I don't have a guilty conscious about anything I can think of and my curiousity as to what they could want would get the better of me. Cops have been tremendously helpful on three seperate occassions in my life. No I am not a Pollyanna.

What would you do?

Olympic Challenge #7

Peter von Amsterdam sends these images of fellow countryman Epke Zonderland, competing for the Netherlands in Artistic Gymnastics at the Beijing Olympics.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Olympic Challenge: #6 Steeve Guenot

The Frenchman has discovered this Frenchman, Steeve Guenot from the Greco-Roman wrestling competition. A gold medal winner - I think he wins for more than just his sporting prowess. He also has an impressive mugshot on his Olympic page.

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Lyndon Ferns

A reader suggested I consider Lyndon Ferns, who will be competing in today's 100m freestyle final for South Africa. Here is a video of him being interviewed earlier this year and a few photos including Athens in 2004 when they won the 4 x 100m freestyle relay. 
I think I'm in love.

Here he is in the centre winning gold in 2004

and here on the left competing in 2006.

I think I'd like to see a reader find a great photo of him from Beijing to enter in the superchilled olympic challenge. Anyone?

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wild Olympic Wednesday

Can you get too much of the Olympics? Probably - but we'll soldier on anyway.
Every Wednesday is Wild Wednesday here at superchilled where you're challenged to do something a little different from the every day. Today's quest is to find an Olympic sport that you've always been interested in, but never done - and actually go and try it. Diving / Triathlon / Gymnastics / Greco-Roman wrestling / Rowing... whatever it is and for what ever reason - look up where you can do it nearby and go and give it a shot - take some friends - get an instructor - just give it a go - maybe we'll see photos of you here from the London Olympics...

Olympic Challenge: #4 + #5

Martin from TGL@TEOTD sent these two photos in. The first one here is, and I quote, "the hot hot hot boys from the USA artistic gymnastics team". I think he might be right. We'll call them all #4

#5  below is South African Swimmer Gerhard Zandberg

Martin is impressed by his arms. (perhaps also by the fact he too is South African?) 
There's all that and more it seems. He's a whopping 204cm tall! And I expect more photos will follow. 

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Olympic Challenge: #3 Matthew Mitcham

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach sends this photo of Matthew Mitcham , from the Australian Diving Team. He came to the public eye when he incidentally came out prior to the games. Watch out for him spinning above the the diving pool soon.

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Olympic Challenge: #2 Rami Zur

Speeding Bullett sends this photo of Rami Zur , who caught his eye, from the US Olympic Kayak Team.

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