Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wireless at home

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks. We've been painting, cleaning, packing, moving and arranging all the things you do when you change address. Being keen to keep the Internet connection running smoothly I arranged the connection weeks in advance. Despite this it seems we won't be connected for what could be some months. Even that is speculative. They haven't managed to connect a land line either. So I'm VERY unimpressed. Right now I'm using the Frenchman's iPhone to post this. Despite the Internet hiatus the new location is sensational and it feels like we're on holiday all the time. Posting here will be somewhat patchy until connection is restored. So please bare with me.

Apart from the Internet, I'm looking forward to the new fridge arriving too as we're using a powered esky at the moment which is somewhat limiting but enhances the holiday feel.

It's surprising how rapidly we're feeling at home here but we are yet to get into a routine. The keys and wallets have no place to call home yet and remembering where everything is stored can be a challenge.

That's all for now but watch this space for new developments.


Peter said...

Give it a bit of time and all will settle itself, the both of you included.

Speeding Bullett said...

Sending all our love over to you both from the UK. When you get a moment can you send out your new address. You know what the Trixie is like:):)

Gabriel said...

all the best with your new place. it only gets better with each passing day!

Bryce said...

I'm presently using my mobile phone as a wireless broadband modem. It's telstra, so severely overpriced, but better than nothing. Surely the frenchman could set something like this up?

How has Norton enjoyed the move?

Superchilled said...

Peter: Thanks - but we're fine - just the telecommunications [insert 'telstra' here] people are not stepping up to the mark.

Speeding Bullett: done

Gabriel: Thanks.

Bryce: We have resolved the connection issue now and have wireless broadband. Not with The Frenchman's company unfortunately as reception is not ideal, but Optus has come up with the goods, and very well I might add.
Norten was initially a bit stressed and very unsure of what was happening - but he's now revelling in the new location.