Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Choose your own Stimulus Package

We've had our governments telling us all the things they're doing to keep us stimulated, but they've got it all wrong. Their stimulus packages aren't exactly, um,  stimulating. Time to rectify that with Superchilled's own Stimulus Packages. You get to choose your own personal package from the 4 below. Vote in the panel at the top right and see if your package gets voted through by the senate. 

The Transparent Package

The Dive-On-In Package

The Big Package

The Sly Package
Calculated which package gives you the greatest stimulus?
Make your choice known and vote now (top right).


Peter said...

It's tempting to vote for all 4, they all stimulate me.

lynnette said...

hahaha you crack up sir T. looking forward to a long catch up with you boys v soon. you WILL be around sometime between the 14tha nd 19th, right??

The Cock Show said...

Cool guys

Liong_be said...


Tristan said...

I vote for the transparent package!
(Even if it is a little on the meagre side.)

filip said...

big package,definitely!!