Sunday, 19 July 2009

P!NK Perfection

We ventured out to one of P!NK's record breaking live concerts here in Sydney this weekend. It's an uncommon thing but The Frenchman and I have both found someone we'd turn straight for in P!nk whose concert was spectacular. Loved it to bits and would go again if I had the chance. I'd heard great reports and had seen her performing live only on TV in the past but the reality did not disappoint. There was some spectacle I really wasn't expecting and emotional hits which were right on target. Full of energy for the whole of the performance, singing upside-down spinning and still hitting the right notes. The hype was certainly up to speed. Sign me up as a definite fan. Can we do it all again please?


Speeding Bullett said...

Look how close you guys were. Bet she was amazing.

Camila said...

OMG, I saw her here in the US two weeks ago. That was the best concert of my entire life. I was sooo close and she even touched my hand... I almost passed out. You can check some pics on my blog. It's all in Portuguese but you can find the post very fast because it's full of pics. :)