Saturday, 5 September 2009

baby you can drive my car, No.7

The interviews have been going on and on. But I'm okay with that. The final applicant is the only definite right hand drive guy - which would be kinda useful down-under if I want to avoid head-on collisions. He's laid back, has great arms, to control the vehicle with of course, and looks confident in the driver's seat. He can just drive. I don't care where we go.

I've decided I'm going for applicant No.1 for the working week, and No.7 here for the weekends.

Who are you going to choose? You only get one choice, though - so vote in the new poll on the top right for your preferred driver.


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Peter said...

Since we have the choice of 7 drivers I would suggest driver #1 for Monday, #2 Tuesday, #4 Wed, #5 Thurs, #3 Fri, #7 Sat and #6 on Sunday. Everyone who's off during one of those days can still join the party between the sheets. [I know I'm greedy]

BDX2 said...

I'll take your N# 6 driver, ok

Anonymous said...

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