Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Stone Age Gay

I've become one of those old people!
In the past few weeks I've discovered I'm doing things I only thought old people did. I start the car and find ABC Radio playing, the once-popular 2Day FM with it's nauseating gossip and overplayed K & J-O has been usurped by diverse ranges of subject matter a wide range of music (not always my choices but at least diversifying) and intelligent DJ's. Oh and politics is actually interesting, at least more so than the details of which celebrity did.... oh who cares.
I'm enjoying father's day - as a father. And I'm supporting my parents probably more than they support me, which is at once confounding and liberating.
I'm also celebrating anniversaries that have numbers like 15 in them. Bloody hell, 15 years with The Frenchman! Bring on 15 more I say.

I'm also finding the years going a whole lot faster, am buying safer cars, am managing home renovations, again, and training for mid-life crisis triathlons with one eye on the prize, and one eye on managing the joint aches and pains that seem to be hindering my launch at the said prize.
And I'm loving it.
I see the younger editions coming out, and envy the bodies that have a surprising absence of wrinkles and folds, but not the self confidence issues, financial crises or relationship dramas to follow.
Youth is wasted on the young it's true, but life as an old fogey ain't so bad.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to a happy and fulfilled middle age ! Cheers Tom in Bondi

Peter said...

Deep in your heart your still that same young man.

Congratulations to Sylvain and Trevor for those 15 years and 7 days togetherness.

Victor said...

We should all look as good as Anderson Cooper (your photo subject) in our senior years!