Wednesday, 2 February 2011

40 40 40 104 104 104 hot hot hot

It's F*#king hot. It's 1.30am and it's still 32C. The last few days have been peaking at 40C (104F) and staying there for a while. I've put lunch time runs and cycles on the shelf for the moment. But the water is my constant companion. I went skinny dipping in a rock pool by the ocean here at midnight which was sensational - not just the cooling off but the stunning phosphorescence in the water. It was like an underwater fireworks display. At 35 degrees outside it was nice to just float around for a while until I actually felt cold. It's one of my favourite things to do in the middle of summer. Pure bliss.

My brother has made it home from hospital and is rapidly on the mend. He's on a mission it seems. Hopefully his body will keep pace with his head.
It's been a good day.


Peter said...

It's good to read you're staying afloat. It's even better to read your bro is doing better.

Just hope he takes your advice to take it easy and mend with time, instead of running down hill to catch up.