Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's not about the clothes

There's no wonder designers hire sexy models like Mr Zagorski here, to wear their wares. Sometime the clothes are so good they need nothing to sell them, but more often than not they need to borrow a little sex appeal. Take these particular board shorts he's wearing - put them on anyone else and you'd not look twice. Young Maxwell wears them and suddenly they're more appealing and you're thinking "I could wear those", and the advertising ticks the box, and hopefully your wallet.

I recall going to an event as a teenager with my brother who was competing nationally windsurfing. Lots of the guys were wearing these cool new surf clothes, they were mostly elite windsurfers and accordingly fit & tanned. I was much less fit & fantastic, but I liked the gear they were wearing (really the guys themselves too if I'm honest). The next day I decided to track down where I could get some. When I got to the store the staff told me of the event they had loaned out much of their stock for the night before... So all these guys were effectively models for the clothes for the night. I kind of felt like I'd been tricked and lost interest in buying anything.

Product placement does work, I just try to take less notice of the product and more the placement these days...


dating men said...

Hey dude, nice post…keep it up…Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have picked up my nephew from swim practice a few times as my sister has started working again now that she feels the boys don’t need her all the time. The first time I was late, and pulled up after a volley of bbm’s to collect him, waiting with him was his coach. F*** me, I now get there half an hour early to watch(the coaches arse). I feel like I did at school , perving at the cute younger guys at swimming. The coach wears white Nike track pants and you can see his Speedo under them, It’s so sad that I run off every second Thursday just to watch some pretty blond boy walk up and down at the pool side, my coaches never look like this(good thing as I probably wouldn’t have been able to make much progress in the pool). I know there are good-looking dark haired guys, but a beautiful blond man is the apex of beauty for me. Don’t know what this has to do with product placement but Max Zagorski is proof of this maxim about blonds.


SuperchilledTrevor said...

Thanks Dating Men, it's always nice to have positive feedback. Glad you enjoyed this post.

Colin: I'm glad I got you thinking. I think. Some people just tick all the right boxes. I'm sure your nephew enjoys you being there too. Probably for different reasons.