Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jay Brannan in Sydney

I just discovered that Jay Brannan is performing in Sydney on October 30th. I also just discovered that October 30th is a Thursday and I have 2 work commitments I can't change for that date, which is typical. I don't see a lot of live musical performances, but if I could I would see Jay live - damn it. 

So your job, superchilled readers, is to make sure the first performance is a sell out and that way they might be inclined to offer more performances! That's my vain hope anyway. You can see an example of a performance below for Half Boyfriend. You may recall him from the highly recommended film, Shortbus.

4min 20sec


lynnette said...

just tried to comment but dont think it apologies if i double post. anyway i was saying that it kind of disturbs me how much i can relate to this song from multiple times in my life, kind of scary! but i like it anyway!

Anonymous said...

He's great