Monday, 27 October 2008

Off Label

Can't find your Diesel Jeans? Scratched up your Versace Sunnies? Got too excited to bother about the buttons on your D&G shirt? 

Good news.
home made & 
anything anti-couture is IN.
You can take your labels OFF.

While straight guys are getting increasingly metrosexual and label conscious, it's time to go retro. Back to the time when a label was something stitched on your shirt with your name on it so you didn't lose it. Now going anti-couture doesn't mean you're going to look bad, quite the contrary. A brief survey of Sydney's men this weekend revealed that the most sexy were the ones who had no distracting label on the outside but were in fact their own label. The clothes were something that made you focus on the man, not the label. Oh and the straighter the look, the sexier the man.

Perhaps it's just me, but I'm very ready not to be labelled.


Discotheque GQ said...

Here's my thoughts on labels. I grew up thinking whoever wore name brands was automatically cool. But as I grew older and worked in fashion, I realized it's much more than who designed your clothes. It's about how it fits you, how you carry the clothes, and how they show off your personality. I now despise wearing anything with obnoxiously large logos or the brand name in huge letters across the chest. It not only screams desperate for attention, but I just think they're plain not stylish. Who wants to be a walking billboard and not get paid for it?

Granted, most designer labels do stand for quality garments, but every clothing line can carry bad items. I just think whether a shirt costs $5 or $500, you should not only look good in it, but you better feel great about owning it for yourself and not for others.

Superchilled said...

discotheque gq: I can't agree more. Well put.

Bodhi said...

But Chilly ... Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld, Gaultier, darling, names, names, names!!! And this? It's Dolce amd Gabbana sweetie ... It’s all right, isn’t it? Bit tight, maybe,’s all right. You know, people will think ‘Wow, it’s D&G’, okay? :-)