Monday, 15 December 2008

Good Old Fashioned Fun.

I'm very ready to not be working for a while. I've put enough into work for a while and weekdays are for preparing for the weekend after all. This past weekend was the perfect weekend to prepare for, in most respects, so I'm going to turn work off for a few weeks , very soon.

I woke this morning somewhere new. A few gusts of westerly wind rustling the towering gum trees above me. It was in Sydney's northern beaches region. A family beach house, family included. There followed a pleasant and slow start to the day with the Bilgola Ocean Swim the morning's focus.

It was a lot of fun. I even had energy to sprint to the finish, which is always good. Chatting with friends old and new followed and some surfing after that not too far away. It was like being on holiday already. Sunny, warm,  just lazing about by the beach & in the water grabbing food when desired and not too worried about anything in particular. 

I've been taking long walks with The Frenchman and The Hound regularly of late - power walks I guess, along the quite grand sea cliff bridge here, often in the late afternoon or early evening. It has been sensational in a lot of senses. The beauty of the location, the changing light & moods of the ocean, the varying breezes and air temperatures. Tonight it was just warm enough to not feel cold and to not get too hot with a fast walk. Perfect really. It's also a great time to talk about all manner of things, and talk we do as we absorb the surroundings and maintain our elevated heart rates. 

It's the simple pleasures that have been true pleasures of late. 
My old fashioned summer has started. 

photos from click the link for more. 


GeoffnTerry said...

Hey Trev

Ah yes the simple pleasure of long walks with someone you love...!

Nice to see summer settling in for you guys...we woke to -12C this morning...arghh!!(but very pretty with the snow to balance it all out).

By the way the pictures of the clouds in photos #1 and #3 are just incredible...blew me away...more please.


craig said...

Great work - Love the photos - what you have done with the sky is amazing. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Superchilled said...

I´m afraid Craig these photos are not mine. As indicated at the bottom of the post, they are from who do a very good job with them. I was too busy preparing to compete to take photos I´m afraid. My own photos usually have a superchilled watermark on them.