Tuesday, 27 January 2009

FootVolley - Rio Style

In the past I have played a lot of beach volleyball and loved it. Over the New Year in Rio though, I noticed the newer version of FootVolley taking over the beaches. It's basically the same as volleyball, only you can't use your hands or arms.  I guess with the popularity of football/soccer in Brazil it's not a surprise that this is taking off. The guys playing it have to be quite fit and in general they look incredibly toned and athletic, which makes watching a game not very difficult at all as you'll see in these photos. (sigh) I have enough trouble being able to use my arms, but these guys make it look easy, I imagine it would be as easy as playing tennis without a racket.

It was mostly men playing, but obviously not always.

They all seemed to be having a lot of fun, but I guess, they were on the Beach in Rio, it's hard not to. 

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Ky said...

Fantastic photos. I've started to play a bit of beach volley recently but was mostly an indoor volleyball player.

So do they still keep to the rules like 3 touches, no consecutive touch from same player, etc? And how do they spike, I imagine if they are so athletic, they will be able to perform a scissor kick? That will be most difficult but spectacular!

Superchilled said...

Ky: Going from indoor to beach is a killer when you try to jump & spike... The sand is so less fixed!
The rules for footvolley seem to be the same as normal volleyball, minus the hands. It really is quite energetic and spectacular.