Sunday, 1 February 2009

Things to do on Superhot days

  • Prepare your clothes in advance, fold them neatly and place them into your freezer the night before to ensure a superchilled start to your day.
  • Find yourself a convertible, seal all the doors and pop in a hose, fill it with water and jump in, you'll be the envy of everyone in your traffic jam on the way to the beach, and who knows who might want to come home with you.
  • Find a beach, we recommend Rio, replete with umbrellas, sun protection, eye candy and an abundance of cold clear water to swim in. The important thing to take with you is superchilled water, no not to drink, to start water fights with and a stash of water balloons to do a good job of it. What is a hot summer without a proper water fight after all? When you've used up all your water, ensure your beach waiter is ready on hand for a refreshing drink. (This is where Rio is a world leader.)
  • Get fans, lots of fans, and ask them to come to your place with grapes, cold beers / water / your preferred cold beverage and ensure you are kept comfortable and cool. If you're not as popular as you thought, try the traditional plug in fan, so long as you don't live in Victoria where power supply might be a problem...
  • Here at superchilled we care for the environment, so air-conditioning is a no go zone, if you do succumb to the lure of the remote - know it WAS you who just killed the electricity grid.
  • If you know any elite athletes you'll know where they store their ice baths, go be very friendly with them and chill with them for a bit. You know you want to.
  • If it's all too much and these tips haven't kept you cool long enough, turn the thermostat up a notch and get thoroughly overheated. Sweat it out with someone you love, and take a cold shower together afterwards. Press repeat.


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Now that is a superhot photo - wonder what happens further downwards !!

lynnette said...

haha:) good advice... the funny thing is i do have a bizarre tendency to turn on the heater on hot days for a few minutes as a 'warm up' to cold shower:P