Wednesday, 17 June 2009

London Preppy - is he back?

One of my favourite blogs has been London Preppy - linked from superchilled for some time now. He has  lived and died and lived and died a few times, but it seems the messiah returns to the same channel, different time, same quirkiness (or is that bizarreness?) but certainly well written (& at times photographed or videoed)  and entertaining escapes from the every day. Catch him while he's still up and about. Click here, or from his blog link in the right column ->. 

Many apologies for a decided lack of input here of late. Things are on track for more classic superchilled in the near future. 


S said...

Shouldn't the (existential) question be: Does anyone really care?

SuperchilledTrevor said...

S: do you?
I'm going back for more. I can't help myself. I don't think it's just for his insanely ripped body, but that doesn't hinder me going back either...