Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Summer Beach

Summer is rapidly approaching, the pools are filling up with lap swimmers, the gyms with those chasing the ultimate 6 pack and the beaches increasingly decorated with fine examples of this pursuit of physical perfection, or at least the perfect wave, with similar results.

My posts have been a little more serious of late so to break the ice, and to banish it to drinks only for the summer, I'm asking what the example of said pursuit above might have encountered to result in his facial expression?

Write what you think in the comments. Then relax and enjoy the sunshine as nicely demonstrated below. (or if you're in the northern hemisphere, revisit your recent summer memories...)


Peter said...

It can't be the cold water, so it must be the guy he picked up near the beach and who's showing his donkey dick before he takes the plunge. *wink*

I envy you for your winters on the coast of NSW, you're talking about cold when it's just 15°C and you should know about French winters when -15°C can be a normal temperature for weeks.
Okay your summers can be hell.

wally said...

He has an amazing hard on! AND does not want to rise out of the surf because it feel GOOD!

Lez Hard said...

It's getting cold over Europe, luky you are to swim with 'gods'!