Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Triathletic Toddler

Run at race pace, repeat, then cycle, vary the intensity, some hill climbs, some flat grinds and then into the pool and pump the water, hard. Check the bike, get the transitions right, race tactics sorted, gear, nutrition, hydration, stay well, don't overtrain, don't under-train...

While training for an actual triathlon is intense in its own right, coordinating work, family life & the actual training is the behind the scenes triathlon; only considerably more intense. Just like a triathlon you have to work at each element to make it fit in with the others or they all fall into chaos. And so goes my life of living at the edge of my capacity. It's been a lot of fun, though in the past few days I've found what it's like just over that edge, my body has spoken and it said 'too much' so I've been forced into relative rest for a few days (you see you can never really truly rest if you're serious about triathlon). While you can rest from training it's a lot more tricky to rest from work and family especially as the growing toddler (above) doesn't know what stop means (a bit like her daddy). Now confidently walking (and swimming of course) she is taking her own directions, sometimes on her tricycle making her technically the triathletic toddler.

And now my race is just 5 days away. It's been a long road and I've done the best I can for the time and limitations I have, I think. But it's not over yet, there is still more work to be done and a race to be won, or at least to be pushed to the edge. And then I will really rest, and the rest will be sweet, fleeting, but sweet.


Todd said...

Good luck. Hope you enjoy the weekend regardless of any results.

SuperchilledTrevor said...

Thanks Todd.
Yes I'm hoping I won't be too taken up with the race to enjoy the weekend.
Worst case scenario: at least there will be awesome eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in the race - after all that training you 3 will deserve a break from it.

TomCat in Bondi

Tim said...

Hey! She's grown so much - i can see the resemblance peeking through from the last photo you posted. She's very cute.

Best of luck with your triathlon! Have an awesome awesome time.

Btw - I'm medical

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