Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Two hours twenty minutes and eight seconds.
That's how long it took me to finish my first ever triathlon, in Noosa.
Swim: 1.5km Cycle: 40km Run: 10km

I stuck to my game plan, did a great swim an okay cycle and a better than planned run to a sprint finish and had an awesome time! I'm hooked. The transitions were fun the whole thing was fun actually. And Noosa was just chock full of hot men. HOT FIT MEN.
I'm definitely going back, so long as I can get into the event again which has reached epidemic popularity. With good reason.

All the training to get there was worth it. I'm fitter than ever, feel great all round and am confident I can do another one of these triathlon things and soon. In fact I'm lined up to do one much closer to home (in fact in my home town) in early December, a sprint distance triathlon which should be quite interesting. So I have to get back in training again... I've avoided running for a week. I'll call it recovery.

My brother beat me in the race - by just under 3 minutes, but I think I can improve for the next one. I just need to get into training mode again. Though this time will be easier. I think.


Sue said...

Just checking in and wow! You've done a marathon! Great going and super time for a first timer! I think the swim is the key to the whole thing. You being a swimmer, the rest is cake, no? LOL!

Maybe update my link too?


SuperchilledTrevor said...

Thanks Sue, sorry I'm a bit late - but I've updated your link now.
yes the swimming is the easy bit for me - the rest is the challenge, but fun.