Monday, 13 February 2012

Bathtime Entertainment

I headed to the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night for a late evening performance of ' La Soirée '.
I was yawning before the performances commenced, a result of sleep deficit, but was truly woken from the very beginning of the show. A collection of very capable and engaging artists. Oh and did I say hot? Extremely. Sexy, capable and funny too. A perfect combination. And toward the end when you're getting hot under the collar and think you might need a wash, David O'Mer (pictured) comes in and does a bathing routine like no other. Professional adult entertainment from the beginning to the end and I'd happily go back. We left fighting over which act was the best. It seems they have extended the show again too! Popular demand obviously... It would be well worth your money to head in and experience it. Any ticket is a good ticket in the quite intimate space.

They say the show isn't over until the fat lady sings. Well, they do a whole new interpretation of that one.
5 superchilled stars.

for info and tickets:
until March 11, 2012

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