Monday, 10 November 2008

A reason to watch cricket

Or at least to buy a new calendar. Cricket is after all, a little mind numbing, and until now hasn't made it to the superchilled 'how gay is your sport' rankings. While I'm still to be convinced about the sport, this player, who I believe is Ben Hilfenhaus certainly has me reconsidering.

He was first spotted in the Sunday paper at the airport on our way back from Noosa. I'm disappointed with The Frenchman - he works for 3 and only now have I discovered they are sponsoring the Calendar, which is being released to support The McGrath Foundation / Breast Cancer. 

To reserve your own copy - go to the 3 link here.

Oh and as for Noosa, it was a great weekend - more details soon.


Steven said...

I'll watch if they're dressed like that.

Jessica said...

I would, too!!

While surfing the channels recently, I saw a game of cricket, but I passed over it for football. Maybe I should take a better look.

Noel said...

That's Mitchell Johnson. Born in Townsville, Qld, recently moved to WA to be with his girlfriend. :(