Wednesday, 13 May 2009

facebook me?

I'm no facebook fan. But I do love to hate it. I was invited into it years back before I knew what it was by a friend who was also the first to de-friend me on it. I'm really popular aren't I? I've not actively sought facebook friends, but gradually have accepted and declined invitations from friends, work colleagues, family and even patients. I've had friends from lives past catch up through it and reconnected with those who constantly switch email addresses. I've also had people write personal messages on my wall and had subsequent responses from people who really needn't have seen them. (Mum, a simple phone call really is fine.)

I've been poked by people I don't know, and I've poked them back at times despite standard  etiquette which would suggest it's not appropriate. I have 56 requests that I have not responded to including a 'sexy man slave request' which perhaps I should have reconsidered, 'Blood Lust' which I'm not going to touch, and a 'gift of a Fireman' which sounds quite hot but then again might be quite not. Then there are all the requests that just got deleted when The Frenchman decided it needed cleaning up. I've played so many games of scrabble with a South African friend that we know most of the 2 letter words by heart and would be hated in any normal scrabble game now. 

More recently I'm seeing updates about what people had for breakfast, how tired or energised they are feeling today, or other obscure cries for attention that I'm not sure I feel like responding to. I've decided not to take up the "What Random Object Are You?" quiz as I don't really care if I am a table (like the initiator of the quiz) or a dog food bowl or whatever the hell a random program throws at me while it steals my personal information. Perhaps I'm a brick... impersonal and unmoved? Am I going to become a fan of "Being Lazy"? I couldn't be bothered. 

I've had requests to be friends with some very cute guys who I've never seen before. When I check their sites they have 1077 very cute guys as friends. Perhaps I should be like one facebook friend who has schizophrenicised his facebook into 2 sites, one for work the other for pleasure, and find 1078 of my own trophy friends. Hmmm...

Technology is constantly evolving & changing the way we operate in this world. The challenge is to pick the advances that enrich our lives, and discard the ones that don't. Better still, take it where we want it to go and evolve it or revolutionise it. Lead on people, we have places to go, oh, and it's your turn in scrabble. 


Angus said...

I'm all for trophy friends, it's better than having their issues in real life.

Martin said...

One word. QI.