Friday, 1 February 2008

All about Friday

To a rainy Friday morning I awake - again a call from a nurse brings the new day to my attention, someone needs me more than my bed does, and so my day begins. Problem sorted, or at least navigated, and I'm on my way to the beach, a group of swimmers on the beach in the rain staring at the surf. I love swimming in the rain - there's something about the silence of it all, the closeness with the elements (and the lack of crowds) that makes it special. Coachless today we make our way through some serious swimming - and some serious fun. I'm not the dedicated triathlete like these guys are, and sometimes it feels odd to be out there training with them. But it makes me faster, and it gives them target practice of sorts. Today I feel fast as we race from the surf, bodysurfing the waves to the shore and running to an impromptu finish line on the beach. I pant and laugh at once and contemplate doing it all day. Instead I prepare to go back to work, as the others prepare to go for an 80minute run. Maybe one day I'll join them - but not today.

I meet with patients in all manner of life circumstances, all of them dying, but in completely different ways, and it feels good to be able to give them some hope and control in what is happening in their day to day deteriorations. Each one of them moves me in different ways, and it feels good to be alive. It's nice to be able to laugh and joke with them all, and I see in them a sense of security when I leave, which make me feel I've done my job.

I head to gym after work and do an interrupted run - all up 40 minutes or so - and I'm wet, it's like I'm raining now. The gym is increasingly busy, and I can't get to all the things I want to use, but manage most of what I want to do today. Starving we head out for Thai with friends we've not seen all year. It's nice to catch up, and the food is great (or was I just really hungry?) .

Home and I catch up with Lynnette from Tasmania online (who has posted some awesome photos of her recent trip) and a friend we're dining with Saturday, then check on some blogs I've not seen in a while, watch an episode of the last season of The West Wing and contemplate what to write about in this post, but don't really come up with anything. I do decide to add the following photo (as requested unofficially by Vancouver Geoff) both to appease him and further perpetuate unobtainable aesthetic ideals to which we all aspire - if momentarily. Because that's what I do. This time with facial hair.

And then I go to bed.

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wally said...

surfing is fantastic at any given time, but if it is raining it's even more fantastic..I reckon, bet ya felt reinvigorated after all that.
what a great Compassinate doctor that you are Trevor, indeed a very special gift has been given to you my friend and I am sure an example to those around you at the hospital,I know from years working in a hospital,Those patients will never forget your understanding and commitment and love to them at this time of their lives...So a big bear Hug from me Mate for being who you are...
Gee Whiz after all that sweating was their more sweating eating Thai? a good week-end now.