Saturday, 23 February 2008

That was Friday

I arrive at the beach this morning, it's sunny and warm, a perfect summer day like we've rarely had this summer. I look at the ocean and OH MY GOD!! The waves are HUGE. My first thought is, Surely we're not training here today?, followed rapidly by, I'm going to die! But I realise that for a change I'm not the only one who can perform CPR here so I might make it out alive after all. (And I could think of worse people to bring me back). So I dive on in and come face to face with waves that seem 3 or 4 times my height, and a lot more violent. At times I'm dragged, pummelled and sand blasted by waves in rapid succession, but I maintain my calm, if not my breath, and make it out to the buoy beyond the breakers (and feel like staying there a while as the others slowly make it out). Some of us haven't made it - and I see them retreating from the beach as we bob up and down contemplating the return journey, but the surf life savers have easily made it out - and I'm happy about that. We head back to shore and then do it all over again and I realise I've managed a surf I'd never previously have contemplated. The ocean race this weekend will be a breeze after this morning's swim I'm thinking as I shower off the sand that's by now quite literally everywhere.

The day gets more chaotic as I head to work and everyone it seems wants me to see more and more patients in all parts of the region, and I'm on the phone half the day triaging and sorting and managing on the hop. At last it's all done and I'm headed to Sydney where we're seeing "Pam Ann" at the Lyric theatre with friends. It's brilliant, she's brilliant and I'm laughing so much it hurts. The audience is almost all gay - a few strays have made it in too, but this girl is a definite gay hit, and she certainly knows her audience! Her last show is on Sat 23rd Feb. If you can get tickets - I'd highly recommend you go see her.


Sue said...

Big waves really frighten me! I would have chickened out for sure even though I am a really great swimmer. Maybe if I had fins and a snorkel. Hurrah for you that you didn't!

Trevor said...

Sue: If I was alone - no way - but in a group - it was a lot more fun, and less scary. (oh and I just added the Sunday swim report - the waves were much easier - damn it!!)