Thursday, 20 December 2007

Christmas Gay

Last Sunday we had our annual "Christmas Gay" where some of our gay friends come for a relaxed lunch and afternoon - (and for some dinner as well) . It's a no-gift event and more of an escape from the traditional Christmas than a celebration of it. We usually head to the beach at some point in the afternoon for a swim en masse, but this year the rain kept us indoors eating and chatting - at length, which was loads of fun and a great annual tradition. I decided against taking photos this year as I didn't want people to be worried about the threat of being "blogged" and sometimes keeping the camera at bay makes an event a lilttle more special - dont' ask my how or why, it just does. The fact that everyone brings an item of food to add to the menu makes it a lot more fun both for the variety of food, and the fact that we have more time to spend actually interacting with people and not all the time in the kitchen (where it seems everyone else wants to be anyway!). Thanks everyone for helping create a great afternoon, evening & night. Same time next year!


Peter said...

Parties spend in the kitchen, is a joy for everyone involved, especially when you don't know any of the other guests.

wally said...

You guys sure are organized!..great food and wonderful wine and fantastic friends..what a great mix.