Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Wild End-of-Year Wednesday

With Christmas upon us, and the New Year just a step away, it's time for the ultimate wild wednesday. Do the unexpected. Surprise yourself, and do something that scares you. It could be telling someone you love them, it could be going to that gay bar you've always been too scared to, telling your parents you're gay, eating carbs after 7pm, getting naked on a beach, contacting a friend you've lost touch with, doing something special for someone who's been nice to you all year but who least expects it, buying a one way ticket to somewhere else... there are no bounds.
It's been fun being wild with you this year. I hope you've managed to get into the wild wednesday spirit at some point through the year. If not - here's your final chance. If it all goes pear shaped, there's always next year...
End 2007 with a BANG.
Surprise everyone.


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

I had not realised that eating carbs after 7 pm was quite such a daring thing to do !!!

but Happy Xmas to you and your fine Frenchman.

Trevor said...

tom cat: you see everyone has their own stresses and challenges... my challenge would be to NOT eat carbs after 7..

Martin said...

I contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in almost two years. A bit strange but great.