Saturday, 15 December 2007

London Preppy in Oz?

London Preppy is selling himself, or at least an old photo of he and his boyfriend, and Superdrewby wants to bring him to Australia - 'for promotional purposes' - and for FREE. (Read: to deface our public spaces in the name of commercialism - see artist impression above).
We've had enough things sent to Sydney Harbour from the UK that they didn't want any more, it's time to end it all, one queen already is too much!

The photo deserves a good home - a shrine built to honor the deep committment of two men to muscle definition, and a serve of love along the way, (I might be able to find a spot) but don't let it be Our Opera House, Our Harbour Bridge, or Our Kylie (?) . Go to London Preppy's blog and suggest better places for him to stick it.

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wally said...

They could be put up when australian idol is