Sunday, 7 September 2008

Body Parts

Do you know where your prostate is? or if you're that way inclined, your cervix? Know what it looks like? what it does? 

Today I was chatting with friends about various anatomical and physiological bits & pieces and was quite surprised with the lack of knowledge about their own bodies.

Having studied medicine and practised in the field for some years I've become very familiar with both the anatomical and pathological versions of people's bodies. I guess to me it's second nature to know what's happening and where. And while my knowledge is expected, it still astounds me the lack of knowledge most people have about their anatomy. People usually know where their heart is, though not always, but ask about the prostate, epididymis, cervix, liver... and wide eyes are often the response. 

Surely, I think to myself, people will have an interest in parts of their bodies, especially parts intimately involved in things like sexual activity. But it seems I'm wrong about that one too. Though, I think knowledge in this area is certainly a sexual advantage. 

With the world at our fingertips it's so easy to find out what everything is and does - for example if you type "epididymis" in google and click ' I'm feeling lucky ' this is what you will find. Easy. A few minutes later you'll know about a part of you you probably didn't even know existed, though you've probably felt it a thousand times. 

Perhaps as kids we should be taught not just "point to your nose... now point to your lips..." but also "point to your liver, your kidneys... now point to your prostate, your spleen...." it might look a bit odd, but what an enlightened new generation we might have. Who knows, it might even make my job easier.

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Stephen said...

This reminded me of my anatomy professor in college and his extra credit question. On an exam he wanted to know what part of the human body was our favorite. And of course me being me answered: the bulbous spongiosum........... He never looked at me again without smiling.