Sunday, 21 September 2008

I do... but I don't

The Good things about weddings:
  • You get to meet people you haven't seen in ages.
  • Seeing a couple in love making a commitment to each other.

The Bad things about weddings:
  • You get stuck with people you haven't seen in ages, for ages.
  • Sermons about "A man and a woman".
  • Hours and hours and hours indoors when it's a fab day outside and you want to go swimming.
  • When people suggest that you get married too.
  • Catch a garter? Oh puhleeease. 
  • Terrible DJ's and songs that only grandma, in her wheelchair, wants to dance to.
  • Speeches by people who started drinking way too many hours ago.
  • Having to go resuscitate the father of the groom or similar (this one happened to me today).
  • Wedding gift registries.
  • Gay guys can't officially get married here in Australia. Or is that a good thing?

Today's wedding was great though - even though I did have to work a little. There was no ceremony (that was something they sorted out earlier) it was informal - an afternoon tea, there were kids out & about having fun and no-one minded, and I got chat with people I really wanted to chat to. I missed the speeches while I was doing my thing. And I did manage to go swimming afterwards - 
Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool is OPEN!! 

I'd say bring on summer but at 35 C (95F) today, it's already here!!


Martin said...

sounds divine. But your glass of drappier is still on the table at la vierge, getting warm... X

Superchilled said...

martin: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What was I thinking?! Happy Birthday.

Angus said...

It's a good thing. Can you imagine how many divorces there would be?

peter said...

I'm sure you and The Frenchman have covered it with a partner-registration. In a way you're married.

Superchilled said...

angus: indeed

peter: we're registered in France - but Australia has no legal recognition in any sense.

Discotheque GQ said...

I happen to think drunk speeches are a good thing. They're quite entertaining.