Monday, 22 September 2008

Getting ready for the start of the week

I've had a busy weekend. It's been a good one. Too much to do to find time to post now though - so here is my thousand words for today.

My first photographic exhibition goes live today - there's no big fanfare, but it's very exciting. At least for me.

One day I'll get more sleep. But not today.


Speeding Bullett said...

Good luck with the exhibition.

Im sure it will be a huge hit.

Martin said...

Hey - all the best for the exhibition and everything else that's on...

Superchilled said...

speeding bullett: thanks - I hope you're right. It's a soft launch though - no advertising at all - at the waiting room/ public spaces at work.

martin: thanks - and we must chat. Welcome to the 30's!