Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sleep Surplus and Albino Killers

So I finally listened to my own advice, and I slept. I slept a few hours on the couch, I looked at my blog at the Wild Wednesday post and rather than posting again, you got it, I slept. I slept at the hospital, hell I even slept over at some friends',  I did a whole 9 hours worth of sleeping there. In one go. And when you wake up in a luxurious bed in a gourmet apartment with birds singing in the trees and muted sun trickling through the leafy canopy, it really is like being on a tropical holiday. Sleep isn't something I typically do a whole lot of, just ask all my friends and family who routinely get emails sent at 3am. So if there was a sleep deficit, there is now a surplus. I think I can probably go a few months now on this recharge. 

And now it's Saturday night - or technically early Sunday morning. But as far as I'm concerned it's still Saturday until I go to sleep and wake up and then it's Sunday.

And on this Saturday after waking in this tropical holiday, I get up and have hair that looks like I just woke up, and because my hair is quite long now, it's a magnified version of me having just woken up which scares me a little as I catch myself in the huge mirror hanging there, but I also kind of like it. And I pick up 'The Great Gatsby' from the bookshelf because I studied it at school and I enjoyed it yet I can't remember who I most identified with. It kind of fits the environment I'm in right now. I hated the movie because it just wasn't as good as the one I had in my head. On reflection I think the part of the book I remember the best was the graphic description of a character's (Tom Buchanan's)  muscularity. Described more than once. Maybe that's what made that book resonate. Who knows, I was in high school back then and didn't know anything. 

And then someone comes into the room, the book is put down, and before I know it we're off to breakfast. 

Today is the day of our first 'Open House' - if you're not up to speed we're selling up - and a car crash, not us, means we're about 40 minutes late home to do the final touches on our already show home, which means we have enough time to grab the dog, remove a few things that will declutter, and find that the doors the builder fixed yesterday - weren't actually fixed. My finger is on the 'dial' button to said builder but now is perhaps not the time to call. The day is otherwise perfect, sunny, 30 degrees, gentle breeze and makes you want to live by the beach. We hope the people who arrive are intoxicated by this sense. They bloody well should be.

Dinner is prepared for friends including someone who has so many food intolerances you have to cross check the individual ingredients of the ingredients. And it hits the spot, although soon after we discover that something must have not been filtered out and marinated artichoke hearts are under suspicion. 

And then I finally get to the imac to write a post. Half way through I discover that the 'photo booth' application takes xrays. So I take one or two of me and this is what I look like right now. It seems I'm not really that transparent. Can anyone see through me? 

It makes me look like some murderous albino movie character. And today I'm quite happy with that, because tomorrow is a whole new day and maybe it's time to be a little more

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