Friday, 16 March 2007

Are YOU cool enough?

Why do we strive for conformity? - We buy the brands that 'celebrities' buy, watch the tv shows everyone watches, go on holidays to the places that are popular... I guess if people look good in what they're wearing or driving or holidaying... then we think we might also look good - and become as popular or glamorous... I find increasingly the most attractive people are the ones who find their own way - defy the crowds - wear things a little different - do things that aren't exactly commonly done, but it works for them - and they are more interesting and appealing.

Are you cool enough?

Chances are if you don't really know or don't really care - then you probably are.


Craig said...

You are too cool for school, Trevor... but shosssh.. You wil kill my career quicker than all of what my employers seem to be doing it. So ssssshhhhh.

Thanks, CR x

lynnette said...

hehehehehehe. at least charitainment is becoming cool now thanks to the cult of celebrity. i read somewhere today that paris hilton is endorsing ecotourism in haiti...or something like that....hmmmm