Friday, 23 March 2007

The World's Cutest City - a poll

Where is the world's cutest city?

I was chatting with a work colleague today who was travelling to Cornwall just because her travel companion was a keen viewer of a TV show based there... and it made me think, why do we go to some of the places we go? And if we had more insight - might it change our travel plans?

Cities should have a cuteness rating, that is, for the cuteness of the men in those cities, to enable we discerning travellers to best plot out travel itineraries...

In my travels the most highly rated cities are Berlin and Gothenburg ( a narrow margin but Berlin is currently on top) based purely on aesthetics (although positive interactions socially with the Swedes do give them a slight edge). It might be to do with the tall nordic/northern germanic good looks and outdoorsedness which I am rather partial to... But I know it makes me want to go back for more! Conversely, Bucharest is at the other end of the scale, and there isn't a whole lot else about it to draw me back there either.

The german contingent

There are a lot of cities out there.
Where is YOUR cutest city?


Craig said...

I think I have spoken more than once about that special summer in Amsterdam where they had shipped everybody out of the Dutch capital over 25 years of age for the week. All that was left was all the young blondeish model-esque men from the Olympic swimming, water polo, track and field and catwalk modeling (Is this an Olympic sport yet?) teams wandering around. They lloked just like Trevor's photo above.

I don't recall seeing any women though, but I am sure they were there somewhere in the background... clearing tables, preparing food, selling flowers and cheese etc...

Now I don't think it rates as THE cutest city on the planet, but my eyes were full after about 15 mins and I had to keep closing them to reset every half hour after that because there were just sooo many... it was seriously silly. I haven't been back of course. My brain would just explode.


brenton said...

I think my favourite city was Barcelona... I don't always go for the dark brooding types but as a blonde blue-eyed thing amongst them I was quite popular apparently.
And unlike here, all the hotties were quite comfortable getting naked on the beaches!