Thursday, 10 January 2008

superchilled on tour in Africa

I have to say Zebras are probably my favourite - it might the whole graphic thing - the black and white patterns... But the whole safari thing is fantastic. We had a superb guide who was good fun and a tracker who found all manner of animals for us - in places we least expected them (more on those later).

Myself, Dennis, The Frenchman & David, the A-Team in Africa. Here we are during 'Sundowners' literally watching the sunset with drinks served in the middle of a meadow somewhere within the Kruger Game reserve.

This was our accommodation for our time in the park. Tough, but someone has to do it...

Baby elephants playing. It was very entertaining to watch - and they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.

More photos later.


Sue said...

OMG!!! I love it! Look at all the animals! Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Well, not quite. But it is so exciting! You can tell this is my weak spot, eh? Oh, oh, oh, when will there be more??? Yeah, you guys were really roughing it out there in the bush. Not! So jealous.

Brechi said...

Wow....the Zebras are something I'd like to see in person.

Peter said...

Great pictures as always Mr. T. looking forward to the rest.

Trevor said...

Sue: Glad you like them - there will be more animals to follow.

Brechi: Zebras are great up close & personal, we were lucky to get so many so close!

Peter: Thanks - hopefully I'll have more that you'll like.