Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wild Wednesday 1 : 2008

This is the first Wild Wednesday @ superchilled this year, and being the start of the year it's time for things new or renewed. The challenge today is to see what you can do in a new way from now and for the rest of the year. A new job? Perhaps a new computer system - mac to pc, pc to mac... Change to a new gym, or pool. A new training partner or coach. Maybe a new more fuel efficient car or hybrid (or ditch the car altogether if you have adequate public transport or want some gorgeous cyclist's legs ;-) ) . Perhaps it's a whole new look, a change of style in your clothes, or your hair?! Or a whole new outlook on life.

Here's to a new year and a new you.


Peter said...

Having just been discharged from the hospital, my new way of living will be... living it by the fullest, life's too short.

wally said...

this is my challenge for this year Moving House....House goes on the Market here in Brisbane in the next two weeks and we will be moving to a small town called Blackbutt!named after the blackbutt tree(apparently the aboriginal name for blackbutt is benarkin) we are hoping to be on the blackbutt ranges which have wonderful views.. to the Bunyas.. this will be a excititng new project.

Monty said...

I started a new job on it's not quite Wild Wednesday, but Manic Monday! LOL