Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Team Cradle Mountain

It was the Australia Day long weekend and Tasmania was the place to be. We flew in to form a multinational foursome and explored the north including a very big walk to a rather spectacular Cradle Mountain, which while usually covered with cloud and or rain/sleet/snow, was perfection for us today (Monday) under a warm blue sky. We managed to scale the peak off the track - not intentional at first - but worth every step in the wrong direction. Climbing from peak to peak at the top was an exercise in vertigo control, and truly spectacular. We also managed a rare sighting of a wild Tasmanian Devil. Too much fun. I'm going back for more. Thanks guys!


Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

yes spectacular scenery ... and you were lucky with the weather = it snowed on us in January 2005 i.e. the middle of summer when we were there !!!

GeoffnTerry said...

Indeed spectacular weather...now I know what that view looks like!

And congratulations on your first posting that I can recall that contains a man with facial hair ;)


GeoffnTerry said...

...additional...to thoroughly research my previous outrageous statement I have combed through every posting back to the Superchilled genesis in March 2007 to seek out some sexy facial hair, and it seems that I owe you an apology...there was ONE posting back in June 3rd 2007...the funny aspect is that it is a pic of my husband lol...too funny.


GeoffnTerry said...
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wally said...

That is amazing that you sighted a wild tassie devil..suure is wonderful country and looks exhausting all that climbing you had to do? but I am sure it was all fun for you fit people..lol Tasmania is one place I must get to visit soon.

Sue said...

Awesome! It looks like so much fun! Did you have to be really fit to do it? In other words, how difficult was it? I wish I could see a Tasmanian Devil. :(

lynnette said...

Cool pix SuperT-- i borrowed the one of the four of us for my blog. It was great to chill with you guys again...I miss you tons!:)

Trevor said...

tom cat: yes I know how lucky we were with the weather. Last time it sleeted on us, December 1995.

geoff: just two photos of men with facial hair? So far all of them are my good Canadian friends! I'll do my best to restore some balance for you. You want to make a cameo?

wally: yes a real tasmanian devil - we were all very surprised and thrilled, and it actually made our evening (spotted while leaving Rocky Cape National Park after sunset).

sue: it was around a 6-7 hour round trip. We went the hard way - but it's all reasonably hard work, ie using arms and legs to pull your way through. There was an older Japanese tour group who made it - (though some of them had also climbed Kilimanjaro). No ropes or equipment needed, but to quote my good friend Dennis, it was spectaculent.

lynnette: the photo is yours - it was taken by that very helpful fellow misguided trekker, and I was suitably impressed. I think we need to order home delivery from that Stanley Cafe - all desserts served first. It was great to spend some time with you in your adopted environment. Say hi to the chipmunk herder ;) .

GeoffnTerry said...

Hey Trev

Naaaah...that would be waaaaay too easy...I want to figure out what your version of a good looking man with a facial hair is.

Sorry for stalking your guy Lynette ;)


lynnette said...

Ha I totally dont have a guy G but if you do happen to meet a cute one who actually likes women (there must be some out there??) feel free to send him down under. facial hair accepted.:)

Monty said...

Climbing Cradle Mntn is the BEST feeling - I too had a splendid day up there when i was there in May 99.