Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Life is Beautiful

They come in threes, they say about pretty much everything, and my trilogy this weekend was a stomach bug. Just when I was feeling on top of the world the bugs struck back. So I've had laryngitis, sinusitis, and gastroenteritis all in a few short weeks. Regardless, the weekend threw some fantastic events, people and sights my way. It was the last weekend of The Frenchman's family - and my in-laws, in Australia (and I can say in-laws because in France at least our relationship is formally recognised). So Saturday was an all out Sydney Fest - Paddington Markets, Beach, Opera House, Harbour Sunset and AFL match; before their flight out early Sunday morning. The day was perfect, a lot of fun was had by all, and I even got in a swim at the perennially closed Tamarama Beach. We haven't been to the AFL for a while - but it was a lot of fun. I didn't manage to see the big punch that has been in the news ever since, but the atmosphere at the stadium and the game were great, even though I like to see the scores a little closer for the thriller finish factor... Our nephew got quite the surprise when Sydney scored and the crowd errupted with flags and all waving about just in front of him. It was the perfect end to their 3 week trip to Oz.

With all the excitement of entertaining the rellies and of trying to get over feeling hideous, I've not posted a lot. But now with normality restored, I'll see what I can do... though the gut still hasn't quite caught up with my plans.

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