Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wild Hot Wednesday

Find something hot today - and share it with someone.
That's today's Wild Hot Wednesday challenge.
The more you can share the better.
I have a few suggestions below.

Hot Chocolate.
A Spa / Jacuzzi.
Freshly baked cookies.
A Sauna.
A log fire.
Your body after intense exercise.
Someone else's body after intense exercise.
Some Sunshine.
A Steam Room.
Someone intelligent and sexy.
A Tropical Beach.
Bikram Yoga.
A Roast Dinner.
A Dance Club.
Something that makes your heart race.
The hottie from gym / the pool / the library.
An electric blanket.
A kiss.


Peter said...

At last I have a day off... so after the gym I hope to enjoy a cup of java while sitting in the sun, but out of the wind with the book that has been next to my bed for the last few weeks. Total bliss!

Speeding Bullett said...

I think i will share my humour with the old girls at my aqua fit class today!! The oldest one last week was 89 and still managed to keep up.

Peter said...

UPDATE: Almost non of the above happened, except the sun was out, I didn't have time to visit the gym, had to work unexpectedly, the book is still next to my bed and the java... is cold.

Superchilled said...

peter: it's the thought that counts!

speeding bullet: Uber hot!