Saturday, 19 April 2008

Wed Thurs Fri

I get to work on Wednesday, and I've been bought a new office chair which is very swish, soft leather, stylish design, and when I sit in it, I feel like I'm an kindergarten and I haven't quite grown up enough yet to reach the table properly, but might one day... I reach for the height adjustment, and when I do it just goes lower, surely there's something wrong here, I start playing with all the knobs, as one does.. but this is increasingly frustrating as it looks like is should go higher, but it doesn't. And I eject it from my office and take my old chair back, which up until now had been quite okay, but now is just damned uncomfortable and so last century...

I get to the hospital on Thursday night and I'm firing. It's the first week in 3 there that I've not been a little ill, and it's like all my energy has come back at once from all those weeks, so I'm running about doing everything at a high pace, and before people ask me, and I solve a whole host of problems before they're problems, but I have to slow down because people aren't keeping up. It's fun, and I sleep well.

I've been in the habit of organising extraordinary things for my birthday celebrations with friends. Having done such complex and varied things in the past, from short film competitions, to group photo essays, complex car rallies, art classes and combinations of all of the above it's kinda difficult to find something different. And in every spare moment (which has mostly been when I'm in the car driving places) I've been trying to figure out a new idea, and I think I have it, and I think it's sounding really good, but it might take a little research, but not too much, and I can't say what it is, because that would just spoil the fun. But be warned.

So I finish my work day Friday and go to gym where they have this new scent thing in the change rooms that smells really really good and makes me think for the first few times I'm there that the men nearby are smelling very sexy (ie it smells like an aftershave or something that must have pheromones in it or something because it just must. ) And I calm myself down. Then I go running on a treadmill, and I'm thinking really I don't like running on a treadmill because I just get so hot & sweaty and outdoors it is really nice here to run - but it's raining today - so I figure I'll continue on the treadmill because, well, I don't want to get wet - only I sweat so much anyway that I might as well have run in the rain. And at the start of my run the ipod (The Frenchman's old mini ipod no less) battery goes flat before I've even started and I swear that I'll buy myself a new one that will actually work and not run out of battery and not start playing in just one ear for no good reason in the middle of my favourite track. And in today's survey of the gym, there are a lot of men here I wouldn't push out of bed. Many who I very wouldn't push out quite frankly. There might have been women at the gym today too, but I only remember seeing an instructor who I swim with who chats with me for a bit and who, I note, looks very different out of the pool.

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