Tuesday, 22 April 2008


A patient of mine tells me today that she saw coverage from the 2020 Summit in Canberra , on TV on the weekend, and that if she knew it was on she'd have gone to take part in it. She'd tell them how they need to fix up workcover health insurance because she has (legitimate) grievances about it, and a handful of other things that she'd clean up.

I sit there wondering if she realises that the rest of Australia knew an age ago this was happening, and that you needed to be a leader in your field of expertise to get a foot in, so her turning up on the door on Friday for the weekend at Parliament House would have been akin to walking up to Buckingham palace unannounced and asking to spend the weekend with the Queen, please. Mind you if she did get in - I don't know that anything else would have happened all weekend, because she's kinda like a didgeridoo... you never know when they take breaths but the sound keeps on coming ...

Meanwhile I'm sitting there, not making much of a difference to her particular small yet significant problem, let alone the greater world, thinking that at least she shows some enthusiasm for it all, which I did when I first heard about it all those weeks ago, quickly realising that I would qualify as readily as my patient for a participatory role and instead my biggest problem for the day is getting home before 9.30pm because I have let too many people speak for way too long today.

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