Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wild Wednesday

There's something decidedly fishy about today's Wild Wednesday. In fact it's all about fish. I've been craving and eating fish all week. It's certainly considered one of the best foods you can have (good lipids, good proteins etc), so maybe my body is telling me something. And now I'm making it a fishy wild wednesday so you too can share in the goodness (like you couldn't otherwise!). I've had 2 serves of perch one barbequed (in foil) one fried, tuna and smoked salmon - and just in the past 3 days - I don't think I'm pregnant, but maybe I need to go get tested...

Your quest for today is as easy as having a tuna sandwich for lunch, but be as creative as you like - if you have a great fish recipe or recommendation - post it here in the comments. If you're a vegetarian who doesn't eat fish - perhaps you can go swimming with the fish like the guy in the photo - I did today - and while there were no sharks - it was sensational! The Frenchman and his brother joined in - at a place called Wattamolla... but that's a whole other story.

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