Friday, 11 April 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm very happy to be able to proud of our prime minister, finally. When Kevin Rudd addressed students at Peking University in China (in Mandarin no less) and expressed his concerns about human rights lacking in Tibet, I felt like finally I am being represented by someone who thinks a lot more like me than our previous PM ever did. He has balls. It made me smile deep within, and I like that.

I sometimes get annoyed about the lack of recognition of homosexual couples and lack of social acceptance of being gay in this country, but then I have a look at some of the locations of people who are reading superchilled, including places like Iran, and realise just how lucky we have it here. I mean I can walk down the street holding hands with The Frenchman if I like and really not have any concerns - though we still only do that when noone is watching... But really - I am openly gay at work, with family and in my local community... it's not exactly tough for me. If only that were the case everywhere else. I'm wondering if just reading this blog would be reason for condemnation in some places?

Why is it that every time I wash my car - it rains the next time I'm out on the road? Usually within 12 hours of washing it, even when the sky is clear and forecast fine... (In reality I really dont' give a damn - sometimes I'd wash it when it's still raining, but regardless - it always happens).

What drives me crazy in this life is when people always assume the negative. I'm a relentlessly positive guy and I really try to do the best by the people in my world, at all times, even under duress. Despite this and the fact that most people are aware of this, I'll still have people accusing me of being scheming, or playing games, or trying to do wrong by them, as if the aim of my life is to make their life hard for them. The reality is the converse, but some people will go to extremes to support their take, without really trying to understand where I'm coming from - (ie misunderstanding / miscommunication is commonplace). But I've kinda gotten tired of trying to explain this, so if people want to believe negative stuff, then I'm starting to just let them believe what they want to and let them go. If they want to be happy - they're gonna have to work on it themselves. Is that wrong?

Coming out the other end of a period of being less than 100% healthy, I'm feeling fully energised again - it feels good, no actually it feels fantastic! although the people around me do tend to get a little scared when this happens, because who knows what can happen next. Watch out I say, I'm turning up the music...


seescapist said...

In Poland being gay is ok as long as you don't admit it and have a wife and children. Seriously, you ARE lucky.

Monty said...

Holding hands...Trevor, I'm just starting to experience that with McBrad and to be honest, it's still a thrill for me! We've walked all over Surry Hills and up and down Oxford st without any problems! It is a great thing that we can do that kind of thing in Sydney, where it's not such a big deal for anyone!