Monday, 16 June 2008

Absolut Stockholm

As I write it's a little after midnight, the sky is still blue and the horizon deep red.
It's been a Stockholm weekend.
While it has been a little cool, when the sun came out today it was just perfect. I manaed to overcome my hetlag with a swim at Eriksdalbadhuset - though The Frenchman managed to leave his swimming gear accidentally in the hotel. The change rooms seemed to be a bit of a cruising space, but with the standard of the local talent I'm not complaining!

We've been treated like family by our friends of friends Robban & Mats, who met us for the first time on Saturday evening. We've been on the go ever since and the Swedish hospitality has been sensational. A party here, a boat trip there, a picnic somewhere else, night clubs, royal gardens... Klaus & Lars delivered the perfect boating trip, with more endearing hospitality from people we've only just met!
Thanks guys - you're all stars! We've been made to feel at home and I'm not sure I want to leave.

The above photo is from our hotel - we're on level 10 of Hotel Clarion - Sign and it's really been just perfect for us this weekend. Though we've really only spent enough time here to sleep and have huge breakfasts!

There are more photos, but there is no time to edit them just now. So we'll see how we go with those later.

I do feel like I'm on holidays now. Some time I'm going to actually sleep too.


Sh@ney said...

Glad you guys are having fun and enjoying the hospitality of good friendship. it is amazing how much people will do to make one feel welcome, it sure is something to be cherished.

Hope the rest of your trip goes well. Stay safe and dont have to much fun...:P

Superchilled said...

Thanks sh@ney we've been so non stop out in the wilderness here it's been fantastic - no time for internet updates until just now (and now it's after midnight but the views of the fjords and snow capped mountains are still quite clear outside my window here in Molde). Details to follow.