Sunday, 29 June 2008

If it's in the guide it must be true...

Sometimes you read travel guides and the reality is far from the expectation...

This morning we headed to the local pool where they have everything - thermal pools /lap pools / steam baths/ water slides and just after we've done a km or so in laps the front page of the Lonely Planet Iceland guide walks into the pool, sits collectively in one of the pools and over the next half hour or so takes us live into a Pet Shop Boys video.

And this is what they look like - just as on the cover of the guide.

They're even wearing the same shorts - all of them.
They're all over the pool area and we're literally bumping into them, not that we have any problem with that.
And who needs to eat breakfast after this? We've had all the feasting we need.

More details of the Arctic tour can be found here.


Panther said...

Se a vida e with the boys from Domino Dancing? Yum!

Sh@ney said...

How could anyone feel cold surrounded by them HOT boys!
Looks like Iceland is a great place to visit! *winks*

Superchilled said...

Panther: yes that's what I'm thinking - the one on the water park - and then there's 'being boring' and right now I have an indelible video in my head.

sh@ney: definitely not icy at all. And yes it is highly recommended to visit - especially now with a favourable exchange rate!