Monday, 9 June 2008

Jaffas, Sex & More

A few weeks ago I got this moisturiser "AHAVA Facial calming Moisturizer SPF 15 / dermud..." blah blah because I'd just had the second facial of my life and in the daze at the end of it I said yes to the sales pitch. I have in fact been using it, and I do like it. I'm not sure if it makes me calm, but every time I use it reminds me of Jaffas - (the chocolate balls covered in a crunchy orange flavoured coating) because despite the 'fragrance-free' labelling it smells like Jaffas - which for me instantly takes me to the cinema where traditionally you roll then down the (preferably wooden) floor and you can hear them rolling all the way to the front... down the steps... the works. And so today after applying it, I felt the urge to go to the movies, and eventually after a day full of other stuff, we did. It wasn't The Counterfeiters as we'd planed, but Sex and the City, which the Frenchman
 had felt exhausted by the promotions for already.

Two and a half hours later we stumble out, and we actually had a surprisingly good time of it. Some glitz and glamour, beautiful places and made up faces... And a sprinkling of cute men and gay kisses to keep us awake. The story actually meant something too, which was nice, and I felt in the mood for being creative again at the end. And I like that. 

The best thing about getting out of the movies late on Sunday night - is when Monday is a public holiday! It feels like Saturday night, only better. 

And today's phrases in Norwegian are: 

Hvor er kinoen?
Where is the cinema?

Vi snakkes.
Talk to you later.

And I will.


Martin said...

I have to admit, I was also suprised by quite how much I enjoyed the movie...

And Dante was quite a pleasure. I really need a neighbour like that.

Superchilled said...

martin: yes I could quite happily have a neighbour like Dante too. He could use his outdoor shower whenever he likes.

Phyneas T said...

Here's a funny story, I was in there with a friend of mine and at first it wasn't so bad because there were only about ten women in the theater. Then, ten minutes before the start of the movie, the women, all in their thirties and late forties, started to rush the seats, it was crazy. At the start of the movie, my friends and I were the only two dudes in the theater. Wow. Ha.