Thursday, 5 June 2008

a grey grey dey

I'm wrapped up inside looking out at a stormy grey ocean. It's the middle of the day but it's dark, and the distinction between the horizon and the sky is grey too - very grey. Last night the power was cut, probably a tree falling on the lines, and at 2am I figured it's time to go to bed anyway, But I couldn't sleep, perfect darkness, warm bed, cold feet. So when the power finally reappears and those lights we thought had been switched off came back on, I'm still awake, and get up and having taken the opportunity of no power to move the imac to a table that's actually ergonomically sensible, I get back online and continued where I left off. This time searching for swimming pools in Sweden and Iceland. And who'd have thought it but Iceland has more pools than Australia, it would seem. There's at least one in every village. I think I'm ready to move there already - though I'm not sure how I'd cope with winter. And to give you an example you can see this website which shows the pools in just the capital (and remember it's not a very big capital city). They are all filled with geothermally heated water and mostly don't have chlorine - they just pump the water right through, and so you're watched showering with soap naked before you go in - (I wonder if they have any job opportunities there...)

Ultimately I head to bed but when I wake up it's just as dark, and getting out of bed takes a while. But there is work to be done - and now I'm off to do it.

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Speeding Bullett said...

Hope you have an amazing time. You both deserve it.